Monday, October 18, 2010

Magento Development - The Ideal Ecommerce Platform for Business Growth

Magento is prominent open source e-commerce software which used widely. Popular for the flexibilities it offers. Owners of the application can easily add or edit data without having complete knowledge of using the software. Looking at the current scenario, the application is developed according to the current needs of customers, making it hassle-free for them to access as well as make quality use of the application. With reference to all the above plus points it is becoming the fastest growing open source ecommerce application, acquiring immense popularity among web users and buyers. The reason this open source ecommerce software is liked by buyers, is because Magento offers complete control to its merchants over the presentation, functionality, content, and look of their website, increasing the return on investment.

In comparison to other shopping carts, Magento is widely considered to be the most docile and convenient. This rich open source ecommerce online store provides full control to online owners without any impulsion on business and its work-flow. 

Magento Development provides an array of advantages as under:

Detailed Order Reporting: Magento stores every customer's order in detail, whether old or new. The moment the customer logs in, the details are visible with every order under the customer who placed the order.

Magento Support: Magento developers and Magento designers help you throughout in providing long time assistance in the customization of various themes and module extensions.

Magento Mobile Commerce: Magento runs smoothly on mobiles with Andriod operating system, making it effortless for buyers to shop on the move.

Inbuilt SEO Tools: Magento ecommerce comes with inbuilt marketing and SEO features that play a pivotal role in helping you get sufficiently good ranking on top search engines like Google and others.

Magento's latest version was released on July 26, 2010. It lately announced Magento for Mobiles and for iPads, offering Seamless Storefront Integration, Hassle Free Submissions, Low Cost of Ownership, Store Integration, international support and other widely flexible features.

Magento provides fantastic usability to users, allow owners to manage their stores independently by offering them control over impeccable features. Magento offers a host of wonderful themes, modules with assistance from experienced designers and developers of the application who provide solutions, build your website, market your website and products, generate content for you, in short, satisfying you to the utmost with their professional services. The impressive functionality has helped Magento ecommerce development in carving a niche in the online market and a strong contender to the rest.

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