Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iPad applications - Innumerable Yet in Demand!

Path breaking products of Apple Company have stormed the market in awe carving their own niche! People are mesmerized and have become die hard followers of these products. Apple intelligently rolls out the products and the need for those products is created automatically. Such wonderful strategy of Apple Company, is still spelling charm over fans or followers. That is why Apple standing a class apart in the crowd. iPad has been showing its magic based on imagination and creativity iPad is feature rich, easily operational and sleek. It has become everybody’s crave! Most widely known features are listed below: Games, Messaging, Sports, Travel, Business, Finance, Navigation and Maps, Books & Directories, Entertainment, Movies & Music, Social Networking and education.

iPad applications have been created for every one irrespective of age and shape! Features of iPad have whirled the world particularly virtual keyboard, multifunctional screen with the most attractive graphics with a gamut of effects. Drawing pad can draw any child closer by its wonderful applications. It is very much affordable compared to crayons. It only deals with fun and creativity. Child will learn to use virtual crayons instead of real ones. Same formula applies for paint brush, stickers, color pencils etc. This drawing album could be saved and used afterwards whenever you need it.

Learning through traditional method is very boring for the students; hence it has been made easy & exiting with iPad Application Development. The Alphabet applications have been customized to cater to the needs of kids. Small kid can learn letters, sounds, words, pronunciations and meanings by ‘doing yourself’ method. Kids are pushed ahead to learn with attractive alphabet. Zooming up of the artwork clubbed with narration make this application hit among the kids.

Audio narration is another mesmerizing feature of iPad. Sometimes children are bored to read, so reading can be forced on them by highlighting the words. Audio narration has been loved by all kids as it goes on highlighting words. This application exactly acts like movie, pages are turned automatically. Audio background is there everywhere to make this application catchier.

There is another application for the kids to create interest in math. Because most of the kids don’t like to study mathematics as it is with numbers. Counting the numbers has been made very playful with iPad applications. Kids are taught to count the numbers effortlessly.

Who is not attracted to music? Even kids are! iPad applications for musical instrument is fabulous! It acts as a pied piper attracting huge crowd of kids. You can bring multi color pianos in front of your kid. Many different sounds are also audible like, animals, drums etc. Children will take interest in music themselves and enjoy also. When a small device can offer us so many features then why not to go for it? Undoubtedly iPad has been ruling the roof of mobile industry. We can think ourselves lucky enough to witness the magnificent and significant growth of iPad. iPad applications are highly eye catching.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Magento - Takes Your Business To The Next Level

Nowadays everyone wants to be an online business owner. So Magento is very helpful for such persons. Having modern features it helps you boost your business instantly. Magento is available in two versions. One is free for any one. And the second one is for targeted audience who go for more advanced features. Many of the owners may not be very well versed with software and different platforms. Magento is one such open source system; anybody can use it for benefits. Magento is famous for its flexibility.

Magento has been very popular among business owners. Because e-store speaks louder and quicker, hence the web presence has to be excellent. You need to compete with already established shops. Your web can really stand apart by Magento themes. It offers you total control optimizing the customizing power.

Magento templates offer completely object oriented programming and this will help in template tags. You need not depend on the programmer to complete tasks as Magento has rich features that are really ‘out of box.’ With this feature you can make use of community members through an extensive network so you will have full fledged knowledgeable guidance and you don't have to think twice about it. Prior to this, every designer was supposed to waste so much time and minutes but Magento helped them in minimizing debugging time.

Magento themes and templates can do some amazing things. It has got multi lingual capabilities and also it is comfortable to use. It is user friendly for business owner as well as customers. Account management system is well managed by Magento leaving the owner hassle free. You will be pleasantly shocked to see how professionally Magento themes and templates are. Magento templates are very smooth and clean to work with. The integration of Layouts and Add-ons are easy to handle when compared to any other open source e-commerce solutions.

The best feature of Mgento is its flexibility. It is just suitable for any type of business. It allows you to add on anything you like! You can load plenty of themes thereby making you to swing between a temporary event/season specified themes and the default store design. All these are done with key board and commands. You can improve your e-commerce business through Magento web development.

It is so comfortable for any user who is using for the first time. Its motto is to make the simplest for the users. You can get more than 50 payment gateways and can manage multiple stores just by using one administration panel and product catalog. Everyone wants to attract new and old customers and Magento themes and Magento Templates are the best answer which provides successful, easy to use magento e-commerce solutions.

Magento has been proved a boon to the business industry. It is actually cut out for the business purpose only. Templates, add-on and flexibility are the features of Magento. On top of this if you catch a developer then sky is the limit. You can set up your business easily having full control in your hand.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SEO - A Tool for Strong Web Presence

Right key words play magic on your web site. Keywords also are highly important in website’s content. Previously keyword research was a tough job. Small business owners could not afford to buy keywords tools. A good keyword tool surely helps to increase your profit. SEO can be most powerful with a reliable keyword tool on your side and effective content writing. 

It is open secret that World Wide Web has become the international financial market presently. Literally everything is bought /sold/projected on the internet. There are approximately182 million web sites available on the internet. Still the number is on the increase. Because of this Search Engine Optimization has become all the more significant. Search Engine Optimization is for highlighting the Web presence. Optimization techniques are natural or organic way. 

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is considered as the best way of web marketing. A lot of technicality is involved bringing excellent result. SEO is needed for promotion of sites basically. Everyone is in online business; hence SEO is in great demand. SEO requires little bit of basic HTML. Optimizing web page or web site has been the main task of SEO. Web pages have to be SEO friendly to get higher position. 

The basic truth of SEO is, even if you are following all the rules and regulations very strictly, then also no guarantee of reaching the top position. If you set goals like getting into first 50 or 30, then you can achieve that target by SEO techniques. SEO helps to bring more traffic but it does not advertise. Main motto of SEO is to get top placement since your website is relevant to a search team and not because you pay. 

Another fact everyone should understand is SEO is only search engines but they are not humans. Search Engine goes by text. Though the technology is most advanced, search engines lack intelligence. Search engines always crawl following a particular text or key word. Crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving are the specific activities of search engines. A software called software, called a crawler or a spider helps crawling. These spiders follow links indexing everything that they stumble upon. 

Once the page has been crawled, next comes indexing of that page. The page which is indexed will be stored in data base to be retrieved when needed. The process of indexing includes finding key words, expressions on that assigned page. Search Engines will complete this task which is humanly impossible. This will help you to get a good ranking. Organic search optimization means unpaid, algorithm-driven results of any particular engine. Organic search engine optimization is very specialized and complicated method, defining success and failure of your web site. 

When we request for a particular thing, search engine compares with those indexed pages in data base. Then search engine calculates the relevancy then indexes to the search string. That is what we see on the screen when we type a key word. Multiple algorithms are available to calculate relevancy like keyword density, links and meta tags. 

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Magento E-commerce takes Business to the Next Level

Online market competition is increasing day by day. Along with this, the market is flooded with varieties of software and applications to serve and manage public business ventures. In accordance to the current market scenario, Magento has raised its level to deal with the e-commerce issues. Magento, a word itself has drawn the classic crowd towards its side to think about their open source web application. Being one of such open source ecommerce web application, it was launched to build Zend framework components.

Basic Magento eCommerce development reveals certain facts as under: Non free, licensed version 3.0 is now easily available that direct large companies towards the service agreement with the owner named as Varien. Magento was rewritten by Varien who was formally attached with Oscommerce Company. The Administration Magento Installation Area deals with the installation of modules like core, community, and commercial modules easily. Also, its easy way of uploading through website has targeted huge amount of audience. Modules are installed by entering a module key, available on the module page, into the web based interface. Furthermore, in terms of technology, Magento Development uses PHP as a web server scripting language and the MySQL Database. The data model is based on the Entity-attribute-value model that stores data objects in tree structures, thus allowing a change to a data structure without changing the database definition.

There are some of the marked benefits that have been enlisted below to avail you with the benefits of this growing e-commerce platform. Within limited time, if you wish to build a superb shopping cart then Magento equips online cart with the most advanced and qualified technical features. Magento, an open source service provides free understandable information on how the software functions with the uploading of new features. Standardized version implements a qualified ecommerce store to handle any user's business very well. Basic features like the shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and administration functions are all included. To augment functionality, Magento also serves with numerous plugin features. This will help to customize applications and enhance the already existing features.

In addition to this, Magento is highly flexible to modify existing features or add-in new ones. Drupal helps to integrate Magento into a Drupal based website, due to its extension. For another platform, tools like products, customers and order information from other carts such as OSCommerce and X-Cart allows to import. And the active community of Magento Developers is seriously involved to report problems, provide suggestions and share. Many write open source extensions that add to the features. Certain host companies have Magento as an e-commerce platform that allows the power to market your online shopping website. Not only the qualified traffic but the conversion rates are necessary for your sites' easy publicity. For this, Magento provides the excellent search engine optimization.

Huge varieties of payments and international currencies are served by Magento online shopping cart, which ease out the complexities of money transactions. It provides the best shopping experience. Road-maps guides users to upgrade their sites easily. The structure of Magento is brilliantly designed to make stable reliable platform.

Thus, Magento has never failed to satisfy its customers. And therefore, it turns out to be the most reliable open source E-commerce service.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hire a Magento developer to Yield Optimum Returns

Today, where technology has replaced water in terms of survival, its dominance and influence on Netizens is escalating like never before. With the advent of social networking websites, ecommerce websites, there are number of transactions and tasks that can be done online – breaking all the barriers of stereotypes. All this is making online ecommerce web stores a run for their money. Therefore, if you are one of those who own an ecommerce website, then to stay in the competition it would be better if you hire a Magento developer who will guide you throughout in developing a successful online store.

Magento developers are known for offering Search Engine Optimization friendly Magento Development. As they use alt tags for all product photos, content and pages are both SEO friendly. In order to get things right, it is advised to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Magento Developer. There are instances, where you can hire developers/programmers on time basis i.e. full time, part time or hourly basis according to your convenience.

Magento is rich open source ecommerce software that offers exceptional flexible services like modifying and adding new features on our own. It gives us substantial control over maintaining our online web store. The community of Magento serves its clients with complete international support and solutions, resulting into improved online visibility. It is also effective in boosting the traffic rate of a website. The reason is has attracted global customers is due to the rich features the open source software has in store for them: multi-store functionality, Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure, improved Content Management System (CMS), marketing promotions and tools, etc.

After becoming a commercial hit worldwide, the software has undergone multiple changes in terms of improvement. This upgraded web application comes with search engine optimization, site management, mobile commerce and wick language, marketing emotions, catalogue management/ browsing, tools analysis and reports, payment support, etc. Only a smart and skilled Magento developer will know how to make effective use of all these varied rich features.

In this fast growing race against the time Magento is boon as it helps in bringing traffic on your web site. Magento helps you in multiple jobs. Magento is considered as a powerful open source application hence it has strong roots over the globe. It offers multi-store functionality, Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure, improved Content Management System (CMS), marketing promotions and tools etc.

If you need all the above told services then you need to go for Magento services. Magento e-commerce development service leaves no stone unturned to boost your business. This upgraded version of web application comes with marketing emotions, tools analysis and reports, search engine optimization, site management, catalogue management/ browsing, mobile commerce and wick language, payment support etc.

A highly skilled programmer can create wonders by integrating your design into Magento. Hiring a Magento programmer from an outsource web development company can be advantageous for a web portal in following manner:

• 24 X 7 assistance
• Payment Gateway Integration
• Magento Backend Training
• Multi currency support
• Flexibility to communication
• cost of development and so on.

Don’t you agree Magento is really majestic?

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Magento - Meant for Online Store Management

Magento development has proved a magical and feature rich Open source eCommerce Platform Magento. It offers complete control and flexibility to the business owners. Being highly user friendly, it safe guards content also. It has been catered to meet the demands of online customers. Magento is SEO optimized hence business owners are empowered to create site as they want. This free downloadable open source platform has been downloaded 1,000,000 times till today .It has been time tested eCommece solution in today’s world of competition. Magento is used to enhance your business, store management, and customer retention to increase the loyalty. There are ‘n’ numbers of advantages of Magento especially in the online business. The beauty of this is though you are running multiple stores, yet you are hassle free

Let’s discuss few features of Magento here:-

Recurring Payment Profiles

This ‘recurring payment products’ allows business owners to configure the billing schedule, setup optional trial periods prior to billing the client, and enables automated charging for  subscription/continuity products. It is completely self managed system.

Gift Registry

This feature is meant for customer retaining. It helps to have valuable customer data with Gift Registry feature. It customizes on products and customers. These purchasing gifts can be searched for the registry by the owner’s name, email or gift registry ID. Privacy is maintained very strictly. This feature makes everyone feel comfortable.

Customer Attribute Management

Magento Administrator interface is used to create customized marketing campaigns and customer profiles. This functionality is so hassle free making business owners have all the records without any burden.

Full Page Caching – New Enhancements

Caching feature considerably enhance performance by caching primary pages for users. Performance improvements are realized as it takes short time to open web pages subsequent times in opening web pages. Magento offers caching of content for category, product, and CMS pages.

Solr Search

Search quality and performance are improved with this feature. Spelling/synonyms/stop words are checked thoroughly.

Magento Connect for Magento Enterprise

Magento Connect for Magento Enterprise helps in downloading and upgrading of extensions. Anybody can do this. Technical knowledge is not necessary.

Magento Secure Payment Bridge (PA-DSS Compliant)

This functionality is really a boon to the owners. Because it enables the owners to put minimum efforts to get maximum benefits.

Automated Email Marketing Reminders

This Automated Email Marketing Reminder, helps business owners in customer retention through sending them mails, reminders etc. This helps owners to target their promotions and discounts.

Assisted Shopping

Customer Service Representatives and other admin users are empowered to   manage and products and coupons in customer are shopping carts. It enhances the management capabilities.

Order Archiving

This is mainly meant for the store management. It empowers the business owners to archive orders after a configurable time. Orders are ready to both administrator users and customers, when providing increased performance through storing historical orders in an archive.

Reward Points System

This function allows the business owner in retaining his customers to increase customer loyalty. Points are awarded to customers to encourage their shopping. This is all easily managed through back end.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sabarmati Marathon Ahmedabad 2010 to mark the Golden Jubilee of Gujarat

Running marathon for a cause shows great concern. Yes this event is to be held and heralded!

Sabarmati Marathon Ahmedabad 2010 is Gujarat's first ever International Marathon to be held on December 26, 2010, Sunday. It will also mark the magnificent 600 years of the city of Ahmedabad and the Golden Jubilee of Gujarat. It is a combined effort of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and Ahmedabad Runner's Club in the hope of uplifting the city at an international level in Sports.

It will also be the only marathon in the world to have included Visually Challenged Persons' Run as a category. The event is expected to be a national hit with an estimation of 50 lakh spectators, and with more than 7,000 people are expected to be part of Gujarat's First ever Marathon. World famous sports personalities, runners, defense personnel and policemen from all over the country are specially being invited for the grand event. As a result, renowned personalities are expected to be present at the event too.

The Marathon's starting point will be from the Sabarmati riverfront, ending at Kankaria Lakefront. The Marathon is split in to seven categories of Marathon (42.195 km ), Half Marathon (21.095 km ), Amdavad Dream Run (6 km), Wheelchair Event (7 km), Visually Challenged Persons' Run (7 km), Senior Citizens' Run (4.5 km), and Run for Kankaria (3.5 km). With the constant request from Corporates, an eight category has been included in the Marathong Race 2010 i.e. Corporate Marathon Relay Challenge that will be coordinated by Mr. B.K. Satish, CEO of Kalpataru Power and Executive Committee member of Sabarmati Marathon 2010. Registrations for the marathon had begun from November 16 and will end on December 15, 2010.

Complete information regarding rules and regulations and the registrations is available at
Ahmedabad has been widely famous for its Kite flying festival and Navratri festival. The city has also hosted the International Kite festival and it's very own International Film Festival as well. And now, Sabarmati Marathon 2010 will be Ahmedabad's gateway to international recognition in the field of sports and make it one of the rapidly growing cities of India.
The Sabarmati Marathon Race 2010 was officially announced by Hon'ble Mayor of Ahmadabad Mr. Asit Vora. He too has enrolled himself for the Event under the Ahmedabad Dream Run (6 km) Category. Everybody is enthusiastically making efforts to make the event a grand success. If you are willing to be a part of the city's very first international Marathon India 2010, then enroll yourself right now and be proud to be part of the to-be spectacular event ever! If not willing to participate in the event, and then come, cheer the participants, feel the spirit and witness the world class Marathon of 2010!

For More Info Visit us at:
Karina Ganwani, the writer, has complied bits and pieces of important information on the first ever international Marathon Ahmedabad event to be held in Gujarat. As organizers, participants and spectators are keen to attend the to-be-historic Sabarmati Marathon India 2010 as the year ends.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Strategies to Use with Individual Search Engines: Google - Part 1

Here we'll talk about the difference of search engines, how they differ in the unique ranking algorithms, technology, and their resources that influence the way they rank pages. We'll begin in order of importance, beginning with the whale of the ocean, Google.



Contact Info:

User Agent:

Googlebot/2.1 (

Google also has a separate image indexing spider:

Googlebot-Image/1.0 ( http//

Robots.txt Identifier:

User-agent: Googlebot

Robots Details

Google spiders are also known as crawlers, robots or bots, with some exceptions. And in terms of security, everything that is not password protected on your site is likely indexable by Google

URLs those even faintly matches session ID's are avoided by Google's Spiders.


Web media Support:

HTML, SHTML, PPT, RTF, WKS, LWP, WRI, PDF, ASP, JSP, PHP, XML, Cfm, DOC, XLS, and SWF files can be crawled and indexed.

Meta Tag Support:

Google ignores Meta tags completely, but it also makes use of your meta tag description that you have written for your webpage's search results. Therefore, it is important that the keywords and description meta tags are well-written. All extra meta tags can be securely overlooked.

Index Refresh:

Websites with regular updated content and adequate incoming links are crawled by search engines more often. Since, Google keeps its index always updated.
Submission Page:

Well, you do not need to compulsorily make submissions to Google. It is counted unnecessary by most. Instead get as many links as you can. Pages those are indexed solely by Google are indexed quickly and mainly when it comes across links on high PageRank sites.
Webmaster Guidelines:

This page will tell you about what Google takes to spam (rather not an important page). Disappointingly you will not find anything that will tell what will rank you high on Google. Because at large all the official search engine webmasters do not give proper suggestions on how to get the best rankings on search engines.

Provides Search Results for:

Google, Netscape, Eathlink, AOL, iWon, Alexa, Disney sites,

Provides Pay Per Click Results for:

Google AdWords, AOL, Ask, HotBot, iWon, Lycos, Netscape

Directory results:

Google draws its directory reports from Open directory project i.e. http://www.dmozcom/
Checking Your Site's Status in Google: 

To know which of your website's pages have been indexed by Google, type the following in Google:

To know which pages Google sees linked to any of your pages: link:

See to it that you replace with your own site's domain and your-page.html with the path to the page you want to check.

Note: Google has purposely altered its link query system in order to hide the actual number of incoming links that exist. Their aim is to not let you know about the links they know of, rather only to make it tough for optimizers to maneuver Google's search results.

Now that Google will not tell you about the links they know about, we test Yahoo by entering%u2026 link:

In Yahoo's search box. By doing this you will get a list of sites that are linking to you. And if you want to search links that are pointing to a particular domain then type: linkdomain:

After all the research you will get a somewhat clear picture of what Google looks for when calculating a site's link popularity. Similarly, the time you create a link, it will take some time before it appears in the link check.

Another fact is that Google does not allow you to integrate other search operators with the link operator as Yahoo does. This is the only one reason why Yahoo has more effective link checking tool than any other.
Start with Google: 

Google is the king out there with whom no one can try to win. It has now adapted the modern way of valuing a page's incoming links over all the other ranking standards. Earlier, other search engines tried to do the same thing but weren't as successful as Google in using link data to provide the most relevant results for a search. Google has

provided highly relevant results to searchers, making it the most successful search engine in the world of internet ever. (In fact, so much that today people have replaced the word 'search' with 'Google' and say "I will Google it" instead of "I will search it")

Google reach is so wide and authentic that even everyone insists SEOs to start of their optimization strategies for their website for Google.

It is so because Google holds the largest share of the search market compared to other search engines. As a result, by and large, Google will be the one to send you more traffic than any other.

To give a good start to any venture, it is advisable to begin with the best the business i.e. Google in this case, which will send you substantial traffic. After your site is successfully set up your site on Google then you can work on developing other pages for ranking purposes on other search engines.

You don't need to work hard for optimizing your site on other search engines if you rank decently on Google, because ranking well Google itself then you will definitely rank well in Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. Yet, be aware of the fact that your site's rankings won't be same in all search engines but yes, they will be distinctively better on Google than any other.
Guiding light to rank high on Google: 

We'd like to mention few mannerisms of some search engines to make you aware of them. For instance, in case of Google's Sandbox effect, new-comers would not know that it does not allow new sites to rank highly on Google at least for the first couple of months they're online. Only to make you familiar with the several ranking algorithms Google has either developed or appeared to make heavy use of PageRank, Topic Sensitive PageRank, TrustRank, LocalRank, Hilltop, Latent Semantic Indexing, and Temporal Analysis.

We'll try to sum up the relevant information contained in all these algorithms in one paragraph:

It is beneficial to get links from authoritative, trusted and pages with high PageRank in correspondence to your topic which are currently ranking high for the keywords you have chosen. Furthermore, monitor those pages until they are hosted on numerous IP addresses with your keyword being placed in the anchor text of the link and is also located close to other keywords that are similar to your targeted keywords. At last, try to differentiate between keywords inthe anchor text of those links in order to refrain from giving Google the hint that you are trying to influence your search rank.

We tried to make complex things simple in a precise paragraph. So there you go, the simple way to rank well on Google. Things are easy to read but difficult when performed. Definitely, it is challenging to rank but we will make things as simple as we can, in the next part we will discuss more about Google. You can refer SEO Infographics for detailed information on Search Engine Ranking Factors.
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