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Amazing Tips To Analyze Your Competitor’s Link

Most people are eager to look into whether their competitor's page is properly optimized or not, before they get their own page optimized for search engines. The plan is to find out what are highly ranked pages doing in the keyword market, only to get a faint idea of what is going on in order to improve and perform better.

Now the question arises of how to find out, what is in the competitor's mind? There are number of tools available in the market which offer what can be called Competitive Intelligence. This implement works as a scanner for you, from which you can study the competitor's search engine marketing tactics’ that are running properly for them. The flaw of these tools is that they charge a high rate of admission. For instance, a company by the name of Web123 charges $18,000 for a domain. Such a hefty pay-package draws them out of the economical industry.

By many ways you can analyze your adversary's page for free. If it is possible for you to get a detailed outline of the services which any big company offers, you can surely get hold of the rank that search engines give to your competitor.

Calculating link structure

If a website is ranking well on search engines then it is bound to have flowing incoming links. Most search engines provide an advanced and detailed analyzes of the links. Yahoo is a good source for getting much detailed analysis of the inbound links of a website. Though, Google as well as Yahoo have the same data on links, Google tends to hide the links data from search engine optimizers. Hence, we make use of Yahoo's database, considering the fact that both the search engines have similar data.

For instance, if your keyword is 'real estate', then it's considered as one of the most challenging keywords in the field. Begin by checking the top pages on search engines, because for sure the top ranking pages are bound to get good web traffic. Then, we may go back to Yahoo to get backlinks of the highly ranked pages.

This will crop up the top ranked page on Google, i.e. –

Typing this in Google's search box, it will display all those sites that link to the top ranked website. The number of websites that link to a particular page may vary from time to time. But this kind of search, gives you better results as far as significance of inbound links is concerned. With the passing time, search engines do not give importance to incoming links from onsite, which you may want to disprove the links that uses to link itself. To do this, you may combine the link command with another Yahoo search command called 'site.'

You are given the liberty of adding or removing sites from the search command. For example, in order to know which all pages link to homepage apart from the one coming from itself, type the following link:

The link command demands of 'http://' which may be used before the URL, whereas the 'site' command demands to omit it. For best results, one has to look after and take care of such small nuances and see to it that they are performed accurately.

Removing the 'www' from the site command will benefit in terms of those sites that have conflicts within and therefore will show inner links from both, www and non-www edition of the pages. Once you remove links from its own site, this will result in to's link numbers going down from 239,890 to 187,000, clearly showcasing a major number of links that are internal. Yet these internal links are not as important as the external inbound links.

The 'linkdomain' command of Yahoo displays every single page that links to any of your pages on the whole site. The command is used as

With the help of this command, we come to know that there were a total of 530,000 pages which link across the website. Only removing all the internal links, we get the exact count of 351,000 external links:

The combination of these techniques will help us to determine about any website's deep-link ratio, where many links point to the subpages of the site rather than the site's homepage. Knowledge of this is necessary, as search engines likely fall for sites whose most links point to their subpages. This seems more organic in comparison to a linking angle, showing that not only the homepage is necessary and important but the rest of the pages are also as important as the homepage, in order to stimulate people to link with them.

Taking the first example (link:, be aware of the fact that there are 178,000 external links at's homepage.

With the second search (, the number of external links are 323,000 in all that are pointing to any and all pages across the site.

If we remove the number of links that point to the homepage from the total number of links that the site attained, the counting comes to 156,000 i.e. the quantity of links pointing at the site and not the homepage. Dividing this number with the total links will give us the deep-link ratio figure.

 156000/323000 = 0.48 = 48%

Generally a deep link ratio is better than anything else. Sites which have good ranking for almost every competitive keyword consist of a deep-link ratio by 35 to 45 percent.

Yahoo link, linkdomain and site command can be synthesized in many other ways. Links can be outlawed from various sites by using the site command repeatedly, as below:

If by chance we remove links from then the total number of links of comes down to 334,000, which means the overall 16,000 links from are pointing towards Whenever you come across any site that links to any other website, which is actually linked to that another site from thousands of internal pages, indicating a site wide paid link – something that many search engines frown upon.

To only see links from to, you may use the below combination:

The 14,300 links from to will be displayed. The conflict here is in the calculation of 16,000 links above. Do not follow these searches blindly, they aren't 100% accurate, as they keep fluctuating with time and technology.

This kind of searching will help us to know what the quality is like and not the quantity of a site's backlinks. We surely do know that majority of search engines pay attention to .edu and .gov links as they are tough to maneuver. So, here is how the linkdomain and site commands can be used to know how many .edu links any site is pointing at:

With this we get to know the number of .edu links that are connected to Google seems to favor .edu links majorly, that is the reason stands firm in competition of the real estate industry.

You may follow the same procedure for .gov sites or other top level domains (TLDs) like .mil, .museum, .aero, .int, and .jobs. These top level domains are highly trusted upon and so are difficult to acquire links from. Therefore, any site who manages to get links from these trusty domains, that site is assumed as authentic by search engines.

There is a way of checking how many links a site has from the two most accredited directories (Yahoo Directory and DMOZ) (60 links), (7 links)

With the above method, we can see that is not harming any of the department of these trusted links and this is one of the reasons, that today it is on the top in the keyword market.

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Apples iPad - A Gadget of Success Style and User Friendliness

Apple has taken the technology trends and made them successful as if only Apple could do! Apple’s first tablet computer was launched in 1993 creating further innovative series continuously. Apple took a U turn and entered mobile computing industry in 2007. After so much of research and innovation, iPad was announced again for the launch and ready to take market by a clean sweep! iPad’s touch screen display is just 25cm that 9.7 inch. This screen has a scratch resistant glass as it has to be controlled by fingers. There are gloves specially designed for this purpose. iPad has built in application for screen rotation. It can be rotated in four orientations. One more attractive feature is, it has a switch to lock out screen rotation system. The iPad may use Wi-Fi network. Tiny iPad has got two speakers. Volume switch is on the right side of the unit. This iPad ahs got a microphone which can be used for voice recording.

iPad has an internal rechargeable battery. It is called lithium-ion battery. If the iPad is turned on while being charged with a normal USB computer port, it will charge much more slowly. Apple says that iPad’s battery can offer 10 hours of video where as 140 hours of audio play back. Otherwise you can use one month steadily. Somehow, its battery once worn out, are not meant for reusable or user replaceable. This small device was launched in three storage sizes, 16, 32 and 64 GB! This inevitably leads us to the Apple iPad, which was released on April 3 2010. Originally, there were only Wi-Fi enabled models quickly followed by the 3G + Wi-Fi ready on April 30 of that same month. With over 3 million sold in the first couple of months Apple has yet again entered the technology arena ready for a fight. 
With new apps released daily and the iPads ability to either use existing iPhone and iPod Touch apps this adds plenty of uses from business to pleasure and many in between. The iPad can load iPhone/iPod apps in their native resolution or double the size to fit the newer larger screen size. Simply by syncing your iPad with iTunes, you are able to port over all of your existing apps without any major problems. Some apps do not fully port over to the iPad but designers often release updated "HD" versions of their app exclusively for the iPad itself.

There are two plans that are offered currently, the lower plan costs $15 and supplies the user with 250MB. This will be sufficient for most considering you always have the choice to fall back on a Wi-Fi network when available. The other plan is slated to cost $25 and offer 2GB, which arguably for the price offers the better bang for the buck. This plan is good for jet setters and anyone that generally likes to get out and about while staying connected to the world.

The iPad and iPhone share similar development environments but currently only the iPhone and iPod Touch are on the newer iOS 4.0. 4.0 is scheduled to come out for the iPad late fourth quarter 2010 and will include such features as multi-tasking for simultaneous app use, folders so you can group your apps by category, and an updated unified email client for ease of use.

The world is watching to see where the iPad fits into the market a year or two down the road and what plans Apple has to further current hold on the mobile pc market. Apple has launched one more unique piece of style and user friendliness that never disappoints!

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How to Find Out Keywords Your Competitors are Targeting

You can get to know what your competitors are targeting at, by getting to know what their keywords meta tags are like. Though it is a common start altogether, the only best idea to do so is because every action has its own reaction. In addition, keyword meta tag is not the only dependable basis for information and has its own cons as below:

The first and foremost thing is, nowadays most sites have stopped using the keyword meta tag technique. As most search engines avoid them so there is no point in using them. Secondly, through keyword meta tag you only get to know about the keywords that a site owner optimizes a page for and not about the keywords measured as valid by Google.

Luckily, one of Google's tools can give you a bird's eye view of any web page. All you need to do is to get signed up with Google AdWords in order to use it. Moreover, you just have to make a payment of $5 to start using it, which is affordable enough.

Google's Site-Related Keywords Tool assists advertisers in searching pertinent keywords for their AdWords promotions. Below is how it works:

You need to set off the ad to start; with which you get access to AdWords’ most helpful keyword tools. All its going to charge you is that $5 fee you paid in the beginning, not much.

After creating your ad group, click on the link keyword tool. This gets you access to Google's keyword variations and site-related keywords tools, which are some of the most powerful methods for keyword research matters.

Enter a random URL on any page of the internet. The keyword categories will be returned to you if they are relevant to your pages and after Google has crawled them. Under those categories you will be provided with a list of keywords those will be significant in increasing traffic according to Google.

No tool is perfect; similarly this tool comes with some flaws of its own. For instance, it is unable to show all the keywords Google searches on a page, whereas, it tries to place your page under a highly trafficked category and show you the keywords that you must aim at to get a decent amount of traffic to your website.

The primary aim of the tool is to help AdWords advertisers in bidding on the highest trafficked keywords in a category, due to which Google is at profit, because the more the clicks, the more revenue for Google. All this indicates is that the tool is not entirely spotless when trying to find out the keywords any competitor is targeting, adding to that, if the page has meager content then the tool will not work properly.

On the other hand, it shows you those highly trafficked categories according to Google that are considered relevant to pages. Considering this, the keywords within those categories will attract more customers to the page. This becomes a terrific way that will help in finding out some really significant keywords which will turn out to be cost effective for you.

Some more helpful tools from Google

Yahoo and Google have high-end search tools which help in showcasing the extent to which your competitor's pages are optimized. Nevertheless, there are always tools available in the market that will give a slight clue of what and how enthusiastically your competitors are optimizing a specific keyword for their websites.

Most of you may be aware of the fact, that having keywords in the anchor text of your incoming links is a very beneficial aspect when it comes to ranking your pages at the top of search engines. Also keep in mind not to over do this. If you want to know which keyword is within the anchor text of the incoming links, then you may make use of Google's inanchor search command that provides this benefit of showing you every single such page.

In order to use Google's effective inanchor search tool, type the following in Google:

inanchor:"real estate"

This lists down an approximate of 234,000,000 pages that have this keyword in the anchor text pointing at them. In which, has maximum such links pointing at it. Undoubtedly making it highly ranked for this keyword. (Search results may differ from day to day.)

Note: Make sure you use quotes when searching for multi-words like 'real estate' to get relevant results.

Google's allinanchor search command is here to help you search for a combination of words in the anchor text. For example, if you want both words 'real estate' and 'Chicago' to appear in the text, then type the following:

allinanchor: "real estate" chicago

Apart from placing your keywords in the anchor text of the inbound links, there is another important place where you must incorporate your keywords i.e. in the titles of the web pages. Google is your savior again. With its intitle search command you get to find out those pages containing your keywords in their title tags. To understand, we'll stick to the 'real estate' example for now:

intitle:"real estate"

We get some 44,500,000 pages that use 'real estate' in their title tags.

Lastly, Google's 'intextcommand' shows that the searched keyword is used somewhere or the other on some 988,000,000 pages:

intext:"real estate"

The 'allintitle' and 'allintext' search commands can also be used for searching multiple keywords in one go.

All these three effective commands can be combined to get a collective search result and get to know about sites that have made effective use of keywords at all these three positions – incoming link anchor text, title tags and webpage body content:

intitle:"real estate" inanchor:"real estate" intext:"real estate"

You will get an estimate of 38,000,000 pages that match this criterion. Here, it proves that 'real estate' is a very competitive keyword therefore finding a less competitive keyword will help you in rapid progression.

Note: You cannot unify the allinanchor, allintitle and allintext search commands. Still, if you want to search for several keywords or phrases then you may need to make a compound of the inanchor, intitle, and intext commands, as below:

inanchor:"real estate" inanchor:chicago intitle:"real estate" intitle:chicago intext:"real estate" intext:chicago

The search results dwindles significantly to as low as 115,000. Definitely, this means it would be better to target with a more specific keyword like 'Chicago real estate' than with a wide term like 'real estate'. (The search results may vary from time to time).

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Magento Mesmerizing and Time Tested Mantra of e-Commerce

Magento development helps everyone to come up in the business of Magento E-commerce. We have been dominated by E-Commerce as we are time squeezed. End users are happy because they can operate hassle freely. E-Commerce tests you speed, knowledge, and the wish to be ahead always. Not only winning, you need to stay also on the fore front rock steady. This is possible only in Magento e-Commerce.

This is the era of time pressed people. As technology dominates our lives, we need to depend more and more on technology.  In this scenario internet plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap. Most of the business centers and individuals like to use the technology to the fullest to their advantage. Everybody looks in to the internet irrespective of their reputation for shopping and commercial needs.

Presently the market is flooded with plenty of companies who offer solution by keeping online presence strongly. Many times it may cost you a hefty price. For many it may be just beyond their budget limit. On top of that these companies need a licensing agreement that has the potential to restrict growth and expansion. E-Commerce platform is really an alternative for all these hassles. 

Magento development plays magic in ecommerce. Magento is an ecommerce software solution written in PHP and integrated with Zend frame work. It helps a product which can run very effectively. Magento can be run in a wide variety of environments: Windows, Mac, and Linux alike. Above all Magento is absolutely free to down load and install on the server you wish to.

When Magento is free to download, the next step you look for is Magento developer, who is thorough with web development and design. Hire professional Magento developers to move smoothly ahead. He will do custom developing or purchase a prepackaged Magento template file. The custom development may be difficult in the beginning.  First you need to find a professional and managed him over the course of the project. This includes a lot of human resource management and effort that does not directly translate into the development process. Second, the price can be high without the guarantee that the quality of work will be done in time and up to standards.

A Magento template is the only suitable alternative to the website development. These are optimized and fully developed files that can work together to make an e-commerce site. These Magento designers and developers are trained specially to work with the Magento framework offering a great flexibility. There are plenty of varieties in templates at a low price.

There are many Magneto designers and Magento developers looking for business in web development and design field.  These designers offer excellent quality services in themes and goods. You need to survive the tough competition hence find out the best Magento developers. So many sellers available in the market, the quality of Magento templates increases as the cost decreases. This is the golden time for web owners to buy, who are interested in Magento e-commerce.

To sum up we can assume that Magento e commerce is the best choice to grow rapidly.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tips to Get Quality iPad Application Development

‘Apple’ - a name that has become more famous than ever with the extreme popularity of its one mesmerizing product, the iPhone. Following were a host of new products, each better than the previous one, which created a spur in the gadget industry. The much-talked-about and revolutionary products, 2007 onwards, are iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPhone 4. Producing some of the most successful devices in the history of all gadgets, it is Apple who wins the race. Not neglecting the fact, that iPad was one of its biggest hits worldwide. Giving its contemporaries cut-throat competition like never before.

Definitely, the tablet PC has been a spectacular hit among all gizmo users, bringing about a change in how people have been using desktops and laptops. This tiny sleek, handy tablet PC has an astonishing graphics user interface, fantastic touch effects, 9.7 inch wide display, all this and more to leave us spellbound and drool over it. Nevertheless, seeing to its initial and current likability, the iPad app development industry was established to serve users with a range of exciting applications for the Apple iPad that simplify day-to-day user functionality.

iPad application development offer varied customized applications for any kind of function. You can hire an expert iPad application developer and get an application developed for your iPad. They can develop applications for any task either simple or complex, all they need to know are your specifications. Ipad applications for all categories are available in the market, most of which are available as free download, like applications ranging from news, sports, education, ebooks, weather update, games, office apps, music, photos, web, social networking, and more. With these applications you can do much more with your iPad. The Apple App Store has over 200,000 apps for iPad.

iPad application development is becoming a competitive area, where survival depends solely on developing larger-than-life apps, never imagined by any tablet PC user. Constant updation of apps will also make a mark in the market and among users. Therefore, numerous application companies employ the best iPad application developers and programmers who know the art of building outstanding iPad applications. The iPad also holds the potential to run iPhone and iPad applications on its interface smoothly, opening additional possibilities.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Magento - Offering More Than What You Ask For

We are witnessing technological advancement at such a swifter pace that we come across avant-garde developments every day. Today what is new will become tomorrow redundant. So to catch up the speed we also need to be faster. Only Magento proves to be the way out for this race! Presently online business has caught up. The trend is inclined towards online business, as it is faster and beneficial. Business men are laying their hands on accessible resource to make sure that they attract prospective customers and earn revenues.

Magento Development is a PHP based open source solution needed for all e-commerce web site owners. Magento helps right from great control to merchandising, from catalogue & product browsing to international support and from promotions to site management. Let’s have a look on features of Magento as they are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing Promotions and Tools, Customer Service & Accounts, International Support, Analytics and Reporting, Order Management, Mobile Commerce, Shipping & Payment, Checkout, multi currency support and a lot more.

Magento is meant for purely e-commerce purpose. It is an open source ecommerce platform, helping online business to boost maximum. Magento has almost all the beneficial features to e-commerce business. With Magento on your side, it is very easy to build your online store. It offers high level flexibility to the users. So user will have no difficulty in operating this.

Magento offers e-commerce business owners to have multiple stores on their web site. Magento Development is the initial choice of the ecommerce merchants over the nation. Magento carts has powerful backend control panel with flawless functionality. Magento web site development helps in to manage product browsing, payments, manage your catalog, shipping, order management and other SEO marketing facilities.

Magento has made many companies professional provided you have hired a good Magento developer. Magento web development is the best online store solution for the ecommerce businessmen and is available to you at very cheap prices. Magento helps Websites to be customized to a large extent by modifying its extensions. Basically three extensions are there namely interfaces, modules and themes. E-commerce merchants are having thousands of extensions available online freely.

You still can make you website to look unique. Only thing is you need to hire a highly skilled Magento developer. A professional Magento developer helps your business to zoom up. This can be done in order to retain more and more prospective customers who visit your website and become the final consumer. Also the SEO functionality on the web helps you in increasing your page rank of website which ensures a heavy traffic.

The world is running after the technologies that save time, money and energy. And Magento has all these three features in it. That is how Magento has become the hot cake of the technical industry. Online business community has given a bow to Magento for its wonderful features helping the online industry.

The clean and well versed overall design appeals to everyone. The ease with which one can install these Magento themes and templates along is just amazing.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Magento Development - The Ideal Ecommerce Platform for Business Growth

Magento is prominent open source e-commerce software which used widely. Popular for the flexibilities it offers. Owners of the application can easily add or edit data without having complete knowledge of using the software. Looking at the current scenario, the application is developed according to the current needs of customers, making it hassle-free for them to access as well as make quality use of the application. With reference to all the above plus points it is becoming the fastest growing open source ecommerce application, acquiring immense popularity among web users and buyers. The reason this open source ecommerce software is liked by buyers, is because Magento offers complete control to its merchants over the presentation, functionality, content, and look of their website, increasing the return on investment.

In comparison to other shopping carts, Magento is widely considered to be the most docile and convenient. This rich open source ecommerce online store provides full control to online owners without any impulsion on business and its work-flow. 

Magento Development provides an array of advantages as under:

Detailed Order Reporting: Magento stores every customer's order in detail, whether old or new. The moment the customer logs in, the details are visible with every order under the customer who placed the order.

Magento Support: Magento developers and Magento designers help you throughout in providing long time assistance in the customization of various themes and module extensions.

Magento Mobile Commerce: Magento runs smoothly on mobiles with Andriod operating system, making it effortless for buyers to shop on the move.

Inbuilt SEO Tools: Magento ecommerce comes with inbuilt marketing and SEO features that play a pivotal role in helping you get sufficiently good ranking on top search engines like Google and others.

Magento's latest version was released on July 26, 2010. It lately announced Magento for Mobiles and for iPads, offering Seamless Storefront Integration, Hassle Free Submissions, Low Cost of Ownership, Store Integration, international support and other widely flexible features.

Magento provides fantastic usability to users, allow owners to manage their stores independently by offering them control over impeccable features. Magento offers a host of wonderful themes, modules with assistance from experienced designers and developers of the application who provide solutions, build your website, market your website and products, generate content for you, in short, satisfying you to the utmost with their professional services. The impressive functionality has helped Magento ecommerce development in carving a niche in the online market and a strong contender to the rest.

Impartial iPad Applications Make You Learn by Doing

iPad Application Development is ruling the roof of electronic world just by its thoughts mingled with the latest technology. The way iPad offers technology catering to all categories of its clients is simply beyond imagination. Let’s have a glance over the features and functionality of iPad applications.

Gilt for iPad
Gilt can be down loaded from applications. This feature alerts you, on real-time sale, and also checks upcoming sales and receive an instant Gilt membership when you download the application. Shopping cart always visible, allows members to grab the best opportunity on the sale. So that customers can quickly drag the desired item into their cart. The application proves a boon for the time squeezed ones. 

Aurora Feint 3
Aurora Feint 3, a free-to-play massively multi-player social gaming application based around virtual goods. It takes you into the ‘make believe’ world enjoy the games. Apple is still looking to bring out the most refined gaming in this. Aurora Feint likes to grab a piece of the gaming pie, creating Farmville -like games on mobile devices.” 

Red Fish
Kids are the major clientele to bring out the Red Fish application. It has been based on the popular French kid’s learning website. In this feature kids learn how to count the numbers, read, spell, and even compose music using the iPad’s touch screen. Children surely learn playing. This application is free to download. 

ABC Player
ABC Player is meant to watch videos network’s roster of shows. All famous shows you can watch with the help of this application. You can browse through shows and episodes, pause an episode, watch it later and see your viewing history. The fabulous browsing system makes it easy to watch and enjoy! 

Kayak Flights
The application makes you compare prices for flights from all well known airline sites. Plus the application will save your search history, map your searches, letting you to book directly from the application. 

NPR’s iPad application makes you browse news stories and listen to programs at the same time. The NPR website has been modified for the iPad to support HTML5; an audio player has been included at the bottom of the screen so you can listen to media easily. 

Scrabble makes you learn by playing and enjoying. This application connects you with friends on Facebook and at the same time you can play up to 25 scrabble games. The application’s Teacher Feature tells you the best word choice was from your previous turn. 

Yahoo Entertainment
This application is completely dedicated to News and Sports events. Sports persons love this to follow. All these features make you opt for iPad Application Development. 

It takes you finger signatures on the touchscreen, creates email or SMS receipts, calculates sales tax, and comes with an online accounting dashboard to keep track of sales. It is a hassle free yet very useful application. 

Gmail For iPad
It is a web application; you will be automatically directed to You can operate from then and there only. Whenever you visit from device, it features a slick looking two-column view, with a list of messages in the left column and message content on the right. 

The IMDB Movies & TV App for iPad allows you to access more than 1.5 million movie and TV titles with information on 3.2 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members. The application is free of charge. A boon,for the movie enthusiasts. 

Fwix’s application reviews news stories in a map format, showing you the exact geographic location of news. Making you access the news by your location and then filter stories by subject (i.e. sports, arts, politics, crime). You can share all content on Facebook, Twitter or via email. 

iPad iOS Application Developer is a must nowadays to go with the time.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

iPad applications You Just Think Beyond These

What makes iPad stand apart in the race of electronic field? Its shape? Size? Or cost? No, it is a sheer ‘Apple Technology.!’ Or the ‘way Apple thinks!’ This attribute of Apple is whirling the world of electronic technology, compelling followers to expect more! The Apple enthusiasts love to connect themselves by owning iPad.! iPad application development has become an unstoppable field.
We thought of updating few features of iPad here, iPad store is brimming up more than 2000 Applications. So, few applications have been introduced here. 

iBooks:- iPad’s application iBooks is simply the best, having 60,000 books in its belly. And application is free where as e-books are not! This feature can make anybody a voracious reader. You ought to read and updated playfully. The built-in search and dictionary is very user friendly. The font size and brightness could be adjusted accordingly. Pages are bookmarked or highlighted. You can read books vertically as well as horizontally. 

Kindle for iPad:- Kindle application of iPad matches the iBook application thoroughly. Full-color touch screen app, animated page-turning, adjustable font size and brightness that allows you to change the background color, portrait or landscape mode, and the ability to buy books right from the applications.

Tap Tap Radiation:- The game is on line of iPhone only. Few major changes are made to glorify the game play in iPad. This play involves gamers to tap the beats these glowing blobs as they dance across the iPad’s entire screen. Another fabulous feature is many people can play simultaneously on it. You will carry music along with you to enjoy. Aren’t these iPad applications making our life smoother?

Netflix:- This feature of iPad allows you to watch movies as many as you like. This application allows you to have the access 20,000 + movies and famous T.V. shows. Movies could be browsed and managed your queue from the application. You can start watching movies from where you had left off, promptly!

Loopt Pulse:- This feature helps you to see where you are and everything that’s going on around you. You can be highly independent and confident as well. On the left side of the screen you will see a list of places, and on the right, you see each of those places on a map and detailed information about them. A new feature has been introduced to browse local places by pictures.

TweetDeck for iPad:- With this feature you can group Twitter and Facebook separately, swipe across to know what’s happening. New feature is a map showing all the geo- tagged Tweets from the people you follow. Isn’t this feature gorgeous?

Captain’s Log:- Captain’s Log: In a way it pampers you making you feel like a captain of Starship. You can add your own notes, or use it to post updates to both Twitter and Facebook. Highly futuristic feature has mesmerized the whole world.

SGN’s EXO-Planet:- EXO-Planet is trying to give thrilling experience of the shooter game, by allowing the player access to eight camera angles with a single spin of the finger. The eight-camera-perspective creates a very seamless viewing experience; it thrills you by making leap and zooms across the zero-gravity futuristic space, outfitted in “Juggernaut EXO-suits”. It is rally an unforgettable experience when you come across.

Pandora Radio:- Rather than having to switch views to see things such as your stations, they can reside on the left hand side of the screen as your album artwork and artist information is on the right hand side. Artist information is a particular area of emphasis with this new application. User friendly access search box makes this feature a hit.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping Lists:- How come iPad lag behind to cater to its customers in recipe? So this application has been dedicated to them. Tabbed digital cookbook makes you access 27,000 recipes from both Gourmet and Bon Appetite. Recipe collections could be browsed search via keyword, and filter your searches seeing what’s in your fridge, seasonal foods, holidays and more. Any home maker will be happy with this! This feature of iPad application development takes the foodies by storm! 
Ingredients could be added from your saved recipes to shopping lists and check off items as you buy them. The iPad may breathe new life into cooking and recipe applications. Reading recipes on the iPhone while cooking can be tougher job; so the iPad’s large screen simulates a digital cookbook! It’s a Perfect blend of creativity, technology along with user friendliness.

NYT’s Editor’s Choice:- This application offers news, opinion and feature articles of NYT Editors, which could be downloaded easily covering almost all various fields of news.

The Wall Street Journal:- It can be called as a version of free articles. The iPad application has the look of the paper edition, and also includes market data, videos, and photo slideshows. Subscribers can download a week’s worth of articles for later reading. 

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

iPad Application Developers On Their Toes!

Apple iPad was launched in April 2010. And we are in October 2010; the iPad is just 7 months old, simple math! But it just doesn't look like an older gadget. It hasn't lost its charisma yet. Seems like it was launched yesterday itself. The fad over iPad is still burning hot and smoking. The stunning fully touch sensitive sleek glossy looking mini tablet PC has become everyone's fetish and entered everyone's gizmo wish-list. It has made everyone's virtual experience fun on its rich 9.7 inch display. Its marvelous graphics leave one stupefied. This new craze of owning the iPad has indirectly benefited iPad application developers hugely in terms of revenue as the demand for newer, advanced applications is escalating on daily basis. The Apple iPad also holds the capacity to run iPod and iPhone applications on it smoothly. Probably another reason, why people went drooling over it, making it one of the most extraordinarily famous devices across the globe developed by Apple Inc. Later, came the area of dynamic and function rich applications developed for the world-famous tablet PC available for its owners, exciting them enough to ask for more.

iPad users then started seeking applications for every little function. Therefore, the employees at iPad application development sector have been on their toes 24*7 to build, create, develop and market fresh applications in market. With the feature of getting customized applications easily made, most users also contact and hire iPad application developers for developing an application that suits their needs. Yet, one needs to be aware to pick the right candidate as their iPad iOS application developer. If the wrong one is hired, you will not only be dissatisfied with the app but also lose your time, money and energy. Thereupon, hire someone who is experienced, professional, and skilled. Someone, who will understand your requisites and build an application matching them,. The benefits of hiring your personal application developer are that the programmer will dedicatedly work only on your project; you have to make no other investment but that of the development and get full support in return. 

Hiring a developer from an outsourcing company may also be considered. As programmers of outsourcing companies have all the capabilities, understand and overcome complexities, offer professional services with guaranteed quality and provide deliveries on time. You will hardly get this kind of professionalism from any other iPad application programmer. And with the constant competition to survive in market, developers at an outsourcing company make sure they stay up-to-date with all the advancements taking place in the sector.

Friday, October 8, 2010

High-end iPad application development for your ipad

Apple knows exactly what it's projecting to its audience in terms of building sheer brilliant electronic gadgets. Gadgets that anyone would go gaga over! And with every new product launched in the market by Apple, nobody could have imagined that it would have been such a sensation. Consumers simply cannot think what's going on in the brains of Apple developers and especially in Steve Jobs' brain. On this, we are reminded of his biography by Leander Kahney named 'Inside Steve's brain' (It is titled perfectly!).

The latest iconic gizmo from the internationally famous brand is the iPad. Apart from the controversies associated with its name initially, it stepped out as a winner in every sense. The cutting-edge tablet PC led to the establishment of the application development for iPad which has been mounting to great heights ever since the release of the tablet PC. With iPad in your hands, there is nothing that you cannot do. You are in fact capable of everything you want with touch. The 9.7-inch touch sensitive sleek slate like device is the fantasy of every gizmo freak. Its superb functionality, radiant graphics and eye-popping effects make it a perfect combination of technology and brilliance. 

With the iPad, you can work anywhere on the move and not stay fixed at one place like you used to when using desktop computers. You no longer have to carry bulky laptops anymore too. This revolution in the age of computing has broken all boundaries that limited us. Today everything is possible with iPad. All you need is an application customized to your needs, which is very easy to get. There are bundles or rather massive collections of iPad applications available in the market. Of which, majority are available as free downloads. There are iPad applications for every need, for instance, sports, gaming, utilities, office apps (include clock, alarm, notes, calender, To-do), dictionary, news updates, weather, social networking apps, movie viewer, audio, etc. There are apps for every single use that you can think of. Adding to the good news is that iPad can also run your iPhone and iPod applications smoothly. The marvelous tablet PC is the talk of the town because of it's flexible functionalities. 

Looking at all of the above, huge numbers of application development companies have come up, offering exclusive services. These iPad application development companies offer varied and high-end iPad application development to customers by developing customized iPad applications for clients with full long time technical support, they are storming the market with enormous amount of smart iPad applications that make your work more efficient and quick. All thanks to Apple's unique innovative device, the iPad! 

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hire an iPad Developer - Who Plays with Technology to Get Good Yield

Selecting an appropriate iPad developer has become never failing perfect strategy. If you follow few of these you will be a successful businessman reaping good returns! But you need to stick to the strategy, let’s have a look on these steps.

iPad successfully sent electronic vibes in to the world. The iPad enthusiasts are in the notion that still the best is yet to come! It means iPad has spread the undying curiosity, the love for electronic gadgets. Those who are already in the flow expect new feature in the application every day. iPad has brought ‘electronic newness to the world.’ 

iPad development has set a new horizon for the developers as well as users. iPad Application Development, and iPad Games Development have new challenges daily to work on. That is how the iPad industry is growing up. iPad Application Development, and iPad Games Development are seen as a high potential market for the corporate as well as freelancers. 

iPad developers play a pivotal role in bringing the technology to the door of an end user. These developers strive hard to make things easier with their technical ‘know how’ and also make profit .With the cut throat competition around, hiring an iPad application developer has become a tougher job. 

iPad application development is a blend of creativity and technology. If you have some great ideas to develop as application then better to hire an expert. There may be plenty of candidates available but you need to cater to your needs. You ought to spend some time looking for a proper developer. There are few things to be kept in mind before selecting and iPad developer. The cliché is that the developer also should same the passion what you are having. He should be reliable also. Reliability in technology is the rarest attribute. Find out on what grounds your developers stand out compared to other developers.
Go for the developer who comprehends your ideas and justifies your application requirements. You don’t have to spend much time in digging for developers. Straight way you explain him what you need and start expecting good returns. Make him ready with all necessary information, and check once the task is done. 

Always try to develop an application that has edge over others. And also have a glance over the applications that developer has worked. Check out whether he has relevant experience. Just see his portfolio appropriately to offer you a bug free end product. When you select him, take a look how many iPad applications has he worked upon so far in the application store. This way you can select your iPad developer – a way to your financial success. Chalk out a plan and give him your task. 

In the present scenario, you can’t rely on information security 100%! It hampers the trust between individual and the firm to come closer and work on authentic ideas. So it is necessary to make a document and sign from both the sides. Legal agreements might save you from all sorts of bitterness.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Joomla to Boost Your Business Joy with Basic Features

After all it is business; you don’t know what information is needed for you at a time. Business information must be available for you at anytime of a day, that is what the magic of technology, and also Joomla! Imagine a visitor navigates your site and then is gone! There is no way to trace him back. So here you need to have a procedure to catch the basic information of your visitor. This is the only to give him your sales pitch. The number of emails you get also matters a lot. It is a key to assess the popularity of your site. So it is very pivotal point to have contact form in a prominent place in your web site.

Joomla comes as a handy tool here because it offers with you all the needful tools! Including contact form is very easy with Joomla administration system. Joomla has got ready built in form to use, to make things easier than those of older ones. The owner of the web site can manage it easily.

These are the steps you need to pursue to get this working

  • Initially, you need to login to the administrator back-end (/administrator).
  • Now, you need to create the categories in which you want to divide the contacts; Most of the times you will only need one basic category of contacts.
  • You might want to give different contact information to different visitors. For example, you might need to add the contact details for sales department or logistics department and so on.
  • Once you have an understanding of how many categories you require, you need to click on Components, then Contacts, and then Categories that will give you the ability to create a new contacts category.
  • You can add as many categories as you want by clicking on the new tab that is present on the right hand corner.
  • Once you are finished with Categories click the Contacts tab.
  • Click on the new button, and a form is provided in which you can fill all the necessary details. Click save and you're done!
  • If you want you can connect a contact to an existing Joomla user (this will you will not have to reenter his/her email).

You can even go for different access privileges for those different contacts. This ensures you that you are well protected. And also you will be given certain security measures that help you in blocking unwanted mails. It is a boon for the owner as he can be hassle free and stress free as well. You can see all the contacts, as well as add contacts if it is required, by clicking Components.

When you click on contact using the menu, you will have all the contacts created by you already and you can add more using the button. You can easily un publish or delete the present contact. When you are ready with this then you can go for your website. This feature of Joomla is worth going for because it helps you with basic but great things. You need to go on adding only.

Always you need to go for Contact Category Layout or Standard Contact layout. With this, one can add a single contact and using the category layout, you can add multiple contacts of the same contacts category. Now, what are you waiting for? Just go and implement it to boost your business. The results are just wonderful!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magento-Magnifies Online Presence Helping You in the Business

Magento is an e-Commerce platform which has useful set of tools which can bring better ranking for your online store! Magento is highly SEO- friendly and SEO-optimized engine out of the box. The holders of stores will find Magento advantages extremely attractive and helpful. All these help you to start a business sitting from anywhere in the world.

Magento development helps everyone to come up in the business of E-commerce. E-Commerce has dominated us as we people are highly time squeezed ones. User-friendly designs make the visitor operate hassle freely.

Winning the race has become the formula and destination as well of Ecommerce. Magento ecommerce platform offers new heights to the users to have perfect insight PHP application in E-commerce. Web presents extensive range of shopping cart answers for online stores. Amid the shopping carts which probably have the most numerous communities: Magento and os Commerce. Magento is a latest generation PHP-based open source e-commerce solution which offers great quantity of benefits. This shopping cart proposes online retailers full flexibility and power over the appearance, content, and functionality of their store.

Hire dedicated Magento developers for best integration services ultimately helps in redefining a web portal led to high degree of interactivity along with improved online presence. Magento has an extraordinary feature of the open source about shopping cart combining with Web 2.0 platform. So experts rightly have named it as ‘The future’ of Ecommerce!

Most recently the latest Magento version1.2.1 has been completed. Magento has all the qualities to escalate your business to the new height. The following features are enough to make anybody rich in the e-commerce.
  1. Multi site: One source code can be used to create many different shops; a product may be on different shops with different prices...
  1. Optimizing with Google keyword, create HTML Form page, activate Google Check out.
  1. Cache is quite perfect,
  1. Customization of extension is various and easy to use.
  1. Interface is beautiful and friendly to user.
  1. Integrate CMS system to post news articles, newsletter features and to send an email to customer who cares about products.
  1. Statistical features with many functions are very convenient for managers.
  1. Administrative decentralization is clear.
  1. Integrates with Ajax technology to display and load pages faster
  1. Tag feature links the product with similar functionality
Magento is worthy no 1 in open source about shopping cart. Most of the IT companies depend on Magento as its future is brighter. Feature rich Magento has become everybody’s need! These advantages have made Magento the ultimate choice.

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