Thursday, October 25, 2012

Magento Customization Creating Out of Box Online Shopping Platforms

With the growing popularity of online shopping, demand and development of the tools required in creating Ecommerce platform are increasing with each passing day. With numerous inbuilt features and functionalities, Magento is the most sought development platform in the field of E Commerce development process. Online stores developed with the help of Magento, give full control to the online merchants without any constraint on business and its flow. Magento Customization Services are the indispensable part of E Commerce development, giving a wide range of opportunity to Magento Developers to try their skill in building robust and visually appealing online stores. 

Magento Customization Services is an art with which the exact features and functionalities can be configured according to the requirements. The expertise of Magento Development, encased by experienced and skilled hands of Magento Developers gives the desired results. The best E Commerce development platform that offers great flexibility to perfectly mould online stores; Magento provides an immense opportunity to online store owners, to completely manage their online sales with custom design with integration of its extensions.

Magento Customization Services is essentially a process of changing and customizing according to the needs deeds and requirement of the online owner to build a robust and visually appealing websites that help in increasing the online traffic of the online store. With almost all the ecommerce features required to customize under the sky to assist Magento Developers as Magento theme Integration, Custom shipping and module integration, Magento template Integration Magento installation and configuration, this is perfect software which has facility to manage online stores with extraordinary flexibility and control. Developing shopping cart in such a manner that perfectly matches with business needs, Magento E Commerce solution is unparallel and unmatched. 

Having an advantage of Detailed Order Reporting, Magento Support, Mobile Commerce ready stores, Inbuilt Marketing and SEO Tools, Magento Development is the fastest growing open source E commerce platform in present context, and with the help of web, it has gained immense popularity among the online merchants fraternity. Right on the top of all preferred online development solutions on a global scale, Magento Development services are available at very affordable rates by highly talented and skilled Magento Developers delivering solutions’ for complex problems with top quality output. 

With a long list of 4,000 extensions in its booty, which a Magento Developers can pick from the online store and with help of Magento consulting deliver Magento Customization Services developing an awesome online store for his client. Interested in an impressive online store?? Put your hands together, Take help of Magento Development and customization services, and while having an expert consulting from a skilled developer be a successful online merchant.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debunking Four Common Myths of iPad App Development Service

This article is an attempt to “blow off the myths” and preconceived notions which engulf the iPad application development and make it look ethereal.

The success story of iPad application development services can become a major concept for a book – the popularity it has gained within a short period of time is nothing but “phenomenal”. And today, it is considered as one of the most lucrative fields (tough, relatively young) in the technological ambit.

However, as it always happens with very “phenomena”; the escalating growth rate of iPad app development services has also created an “Air of Myth” around it.  It is somewhat normal (for laymen) to form an opinion about anything – especially about a state-of-the-art and futuristic device like iPads, and therefore, (sometimes) it gets difficult to notice the real benefits and the crux of this wonderful service.

Let us try to find out some of these common myths:

Myth #1: Apps are useful only to a specific section of people

  Now, this myth is something that definitely should top the list – It is true that iPad (itunes stores) has few apps, which might be applicable to a certain section; for example entrepreneurs or business executives. But this is just a part of reality – it is what we perceive. With exceeding demands from the general users; iPad app developers are regularly coming up with different apps – ranging from games to social networking features and from business to educational apps – Just name it and there are all the chances that you would find it on the Apple Store.

Myth #2: An App is created in a day

Reality:  “Rome was not built in day” – This proverb applies to practically everything; even to the iPad app development.  There is a normal notion that an expert iPad app developer will not take more than a day to develop interactive and innovative applications. But, it is notion needs some reconsiderations – One needs to remember that it is a step by step procedure which requires a systemic approach – right from development to testing every process has to done with proper flow.

Myth #3: Application development is an expensive affair

Reality: It is somewhat debatable – it again depends on the type and quality of app. But to generalize whole thing is not right! The expense of development primarily depends on the content, functionalities and design. So, if you want a simple looking app, with limited functionalities, then it would not cost you more. So, next time, if you are planning to get an app for your organization; do not back out just because you think it is out of your (financial) reach.

Myth #4: Only some apps can get success!

Reality: Since iPad device is extending its reach among people from all age groups and all professions, iPad application development services, by and large targets every user. Therefore, if the app actually possesses that X-factor, nothing can stop it from becoming a huge success.  It is important to get out of this mindset, and realize that creative, useful and scalable applications have full potentials become a sensation.

Offshore Software Development Offers Quality-Rich Results

Hence, to conclude, it is not only the cost-effectiveness that lures western countries towards offshore software development services, but it is the Assurance and Deliverance of Quality results, which makes it so popular.

There is no substitute for “Quality and Consistency”. In fact, these are the major factors that ensure success of any software application.  And probably that is the primary reason behind emergence of IT Outsourcing services.  As we all know IT revolution has engulfed the whole world, consequently steeply escalating demand for outstandingly good products and services.

This scenario resulted into more stiffer and fiercer competitive environment in the IT sector – And a way to counter this challenge is to constantly come up with supremely designed software which is at par with the set global benchmarks. Therefore, many enterprises in the western countries are now counting on offshore software development companies for getting that “superior quality” and gain a cutting edge.

Huge Human Resources with technical expertise and excellent interpersonal skills has been a key aspect that makes outsourcing IT solution services synonymous with reliability and quality. Countries like India and China (which are the leading players in this area) are densely populated; hence there is no dearth of workforce. And like “a cherry on the icing”; this workforce is trained as per the current global IT scenario.

Thus, what you would get as a part of the final output will be a solid IT solution in form of software (even web and mobile) application, which will be well in-sync with the contemporary trends in the IT sector.

With the rocketing number of Offshore software development companies; the heat of competition is felt by these companies. Hence, it has become a rule in almost all the offshore firms to keep training and updating the knowledge of their manpower on a regular basis, so these professionals can hone their skills.

This, of course makes them experts, who are well in tune with the latest technological platforms and developments. So, as a buyer you will get a high-end application with a contemporary approach. This makes it very much appealing to the average users. Moreover, in order to gain a competitive edge over others, many IT outsourcing service providers prefer to equip themselves with the latest technological platforms as well as hardware support.

Apart from all this, the IT professionals in these countries offer flexibility of work, which of course makes them deliver outputs in stipulated time frame.  Not considering or just disregarding the difference of time zones or geographical locations, these professionals provide 24*7; i.e., around the clock assistance during and even after the development phase.  Thus, you would never have to compromise on an important aspect – quality. Their help will minimize the chances of the software getting crashed or infected with the viruses of bugs. Thus, your bottom line result will not be a complicated or full of errors, you will a completely flawless solution.

Moreover, nowadays, since the competencies level of a majority of offshore software development company is moving upwards; therefore, many of them have adopted a proven development process.  Hence, these companies will have customer-centric approach, authentic and standardized methods cut down the risks factors.

The author of the article describes about a vital component that makes offshore IT services, so popular. He talks about the quality work that offshore software development companies deliver, which actually provides them a niche.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Why India is becoming a hub for IT Outsourcing Services

In short, with a stable socio-eco-political scenario favoring Offshore outsourcing services, India has been able to create a niche for itself in global IT sector. 

The economic reforms of 1990s was indeed revolutionary for India – Along with many industries, it opened up the doors for IT outsourcing services, which gave a tremendous boost to the IT industry in the country. In fact, today, Indian IT sector has even become a reason for envy to its counterparts in the continent – like China. Now, it definitely makes one wonder as to what or which factors wrote the success story of the Information and Technology revolution in the country. 

Well, apart from the groundbreaking economic policy of the 90s; there are several reasons which gave a thrust to the offshore software development companies to flourish, transforming the Indian IT industry. 

As compared to the other countries in the continent, India is politically quite stable; the government usually adopts a liberal and tolerant attitude towards any foreign company coming for business in the country. Hence, it builds an environment of stability, trust and affability which lures and encourages many western nations to contract out services. 

Skilled and Cheap labor is one of the greatest factors that led to rise of offshore IT services – India is one of those countries who boast of having a huge pool of talented and qualified professionals. With different world class universities coming up in the region, the number of trained and skilled IT engineers, developers, testers has gone up; thus, the term “dearth of human resources” does not really exist in this country. 

Moreover, since, there is a disparity in the currency rates. The latest rate of Indian rupee against US dollar is 1 Indian rupee = 0.0190 US dollars (One rupee will cost you even less than a dollar). So, the labor cost and overall development cost is gets much lesser; for example an offshore software development charges around Rs. 50000for a project; it will cost you around $100. It obviously is quite reasonable, and doesn’t burden the pockets. (It is great money-saver offer; especially during the recession). 

Well, don’t just be judgmental about the quality, after knowing the cost – IT Outsourcing Services in India guarantees very good ROI (Return of Investments). Since, mentioned earlier, with an abundance of expert IT professionals, the end-result that comes is superior in terms of quality. The software or web (even mobile) applications developed by these programmers are nearly error-free, high on scalability and user-friendly. So, there will no compromise on quality on your part as well as it will not drain your pocket. 

Moreover, in whole region of Indian sub-continent; India is one such country which is quite tolerant and open to use a foreign language – English (It is an international medium of communication). (Unlike many nations in the region which are quite rigid to use their own language for communication). In fact, the nation has quite a good number of people who can fluently converse in English – This smashes the language barriers and thus, encourages many western nations to approach offshore software development company. They would easily explain as to what are their requirements and even understand what the developers want them to understand.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Progress of the iPad apps development

Apple Inc's revolutionary tablet PC, the iPad, not only mesmerized the public but took over as the most path-breaking device of all times. Not only was this device unusually captivating but was truly worth the attention and fame it got. Till date, its fascination has not faded but continues to shine like a star. Apple was successful in producing some of the world's most famous gadgets. Since then, Apple products carry a credibility of their own among users. They manufacture sleek, classy, handy, stylish devices that are worth every penny and can be used by users of all ages. 

Its latest last creation was the iPad. It has created an impact and impression on everybody who is tech-savvy. The iPad is capable of everything, such as emailing, internet browsing, gaming, music and video playback, etc. Its 9.7 inch high resolution display, multitasking, iTunes, Virtual keyboard, iWork, Multimedia, Quick contacts, iBooks, Connectivity, GPS Navigation and more, which make it a desirable object. All these capabilities have made opened up new avenues for iPad application development. Another impressive capability is that it can run applications made for the iPhone and iPod on its interface smoothly. The only drawback is that of its large resolution, hence, applications of other devices are enlarged to fit its screen. 
Numerous software development companies offer iPad apps development services only in order to help users with being able to use multiple apps in one device. App categories like social networking, gaming, finance, multimedia, shopping cart, education, utility, businesses, etc. And in order to get your quality app developed, you must be alert enough to hire the right developers to get your customized app built. With the growing trend and fascination have brought several iPad application companies in the market. Opt for a mobile application development company that is in the business for a decent time and possesses a team of proficient iPad Apps Developers. They should have the capability to shape kind of app you asked for. The hired iPad apps developer must be skilled and talented to design and develop a successful app for your business. 

There is another option of offshore iPad application development services. They offer on time delivery with quality rich apps at cost effective prices. Hiring iPad apps developer ensures that they work on specifically on your project with full dedication. Their innovative services will help you to take your business to the next higher level with the help of the created dynamic iPad app. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for IT Outsourcing Services - Better to “look before you leap”

With growing number of Offshore Software development firms, it becomes all the more important to do thorough analysis of various aspects before finalizing any deal with an IT outsourcing service provider.

Past few decades may be path breaking for IT sector – the industry dynamics were drastically changed. People are getting techno-savvy which has resulted into an immense surge in the demand for advanced technological features and applications. With a subsequently growing gap between the “demand and supply” scenario, many American and European companies are contracting out the IT Solution Services in different Asian countries (prominently in India).

This outpouring of IT queries in these countries has eventually given a tremendous thrust to the IT industry and thus, many offshore software development companies are rapidly emerging in these regions (In fact it would not be any overexpression to say that such firms are coming up like “Mushrooms”).

Since, the number of enterprises offering IT Outsourcing Services has gone up to an incredible speed makes it even more difficult for anyone looking for such companies to choose “right” organization for better outcomes.

So, when you start looking out for any Offshore Software Development, make sure that you do not get carried away by a well-designed website and well-written web content. This may result into a lapse of judgment thus would cost you a lot (finances and more importantly Goodwill in the market). Therefore, it is very much recommended that before you can finalizing anything, better to keep some of the below points in mind.

Do not hesitate to ask questions 

It will be the website that will work as a “face” of the service provider; therefore, while interacting on phone or through online chat rooms, ask whatever question bothers you. This will let you make a thorough inquiry into the working culture and ethics of the IT Solution Service provider. Get through some of the details and credentials of the company. Sometimes, they might pose as having a robust infrastructure which in reality they might not even possess.

Ascertain your requirements  

As mentioned above, the number of IT Outsourcing Service providers has gone up tremendously. And most of specialize in a certain domain. Hence, before you strike a deal with any organization, be very certain about your requirements. This will enable you to identify the right place to go for.

Low cost does not necessarily means good services

What attracts many people towards Offshore Software Development firms is the “cost factor”. The services are much cheaper as compared to some of the companies in American and European countries. However, it would really be an unrealistic approach if you only look at the money aspect. Many such firms would cost you less financially, but have a very negative impact on the quality of work. It is here that you have to apply a little discretion.

Look for quality rather than quantity

Remember one thing “numbers are always deceptive” – therefore, while seeking out for an excellent IT outsourcing services, make sure that you focus on the quality factor more than the “numbers”. First thing that you need to look for is a strong team of experienced people who have a robust background of working into software development. Moreover, ask for some samples of their previous projects, this will give a better picture about the quality of the work.


Last but not the least, the interests of your company needs to be protected – Sometimes, while looking at other aspects, we generally tend to ignore that the Offshore software development company you are approaching is trustworthy or not. Since, the competition is getting fiercer; you choose a firm that is reliable enough to entrust some of the confidential information about your company.

An outstanding IT Outsourcing service provider, the author of the article has immense experience in the area of Offshore software development.

iPad Application Development Change your Browsing Experience

In short, it is completely fine to say that iPad application development services have drastically changed browsing experience.

Some years back, computers were large, bulky devices with advanced functionalities. However, this scenario and perception has entirely changed in the past few years and all thanks to the iPad application development.

iPad is a ground-breaking device designed by Apple Inc. that has squeezed all the functions of a full-fledged computer into a compact tool.Since, it gives an out-of-the-world browsing experience; it is considered the “ultimate creation”. However, the whole credit for it being tagged as a “technological wonder” goes to none other than the iPad app development services.

A wide range of applications – right from business apps to utility and entertainment apps; iPad has been a revolution, in the way that it is redefining the world of modern gadgets. An iPad app developer thus applies out-of-the-box imagination and flawless technicality and creates an advanced set of functions giving that X factor to this amazing device.

Dynamic and Interactive Applications has open up a whole new world – With iPad Application Development service, staying in contact with your friends, family and yes of course business associates as well as potential clients becomes a matter of just few taps! And perhaps, that is why the world is going gaga over this wonderful feature of this device.

Oh, if you are thinking that hiring iPad app developers enhances your social networking, then it is important to understand the real essence of this vibrant service. As, applications make the plain looking gadget lively –it is the best medium to spread a word about your business to a larger audience and that too in the most interesting and creative manner.

Thus, an outstandingly conceived and developed app can give your marketing campaign an amazing touch that makes it more powerful and wide-reaching. Since, the time, these gadgets were first launched in the market, there were seen as a futuristic tool, with no relevance to the demands of the current users. Well, the genius of the iPad app developers has drastically changed this whole idea of it being futuristic or a tool for the class.

Presently, well developed and innovative applications are ruling the mobile market – People irrespective of their age and even their professions are thronging the itunes stores to download apps and feel this “technological wonder” on their fingertips. Right from a business executive to a college going student – these apps have created a buzz among everyone. It allows a business man to have a word with his clients even while he is travelling.

Even a student can enhance their study experience – with just a few taps on 9.7 inches screen they can get a variety of applications which can broaden their perspective and even their knowledge. And all this can be done even while one is not sitting in front of his or her computer.  An array of avant - garde application developed by iPad app developers, hence give the users that “feel good” effect serving on both the fronts – creativity as well as utility.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Challenges of IT Outsourcing Services and their Solutions

It is said that every problem has a solution – So, if you are facing any issues for searching Offshore Software Development Company, here are the solutions.

IT outsourcing services has gained tremendous momentum in the last decade – It has resulted into drastic socio-economic changes in many developing countries. And hence, in order to reap maximum benefits from this “flow of work”, many such IT companies have come up, like mushrooms, in these countries.

Though, contracting out IT solution services has become a “trend” among many companies in the west; the concern people come across certain challenges while outsourcing – It ranges from finding the right company to miscommunication and from finding quality to indifference for deadlines. In this article we will shed some light on these Challenges and also on the steps to tackle these issues.

Finding right Offshore Software Development Company
This, in fact, is the biggest test faced by many willing to outsource IT solutions – Since, the geo-political and cultural distance still exist, the problem of finding the right kind of company becomes quite serious. The separation does make it difficult to search for genuine companies; however, it is not impossible.

To ascertain genuineness of the Offshore Development Center, make sure you pay attention on the quality of its work, the efficiency of human resources and most importantly its goodwill in the market. Following this few points will certainly help you to at least distinguish right and fake companies.


Lack of Communication

Effective communication is the key to success for any business – And it plays an important role when it comes to IT outsourcing services. Again it is the remoteness of physical location that affects the interaction. Thus, sometimes, the result is not what is imagined or required and that indeed becomes a challenge at both the ends to explain and understand the requirements.


Well, the internet revolution, this issue gets an excellent solution – it “virtually” connects the whole world. Nowadays, every organization in any part of the world is equipped with an internet connection; thus, it channelizes one-to-one interactions – In fact, it facilitates both client and the service provider with video conferencing, which in a way narrows the communication gap.

Determinates of Quality Services
Since, it varies from person to person and organization to organization, it is also a problem to determine what best quality service is? – Especially when you are cracking a deal with an offshore software development firm. So, what are determinates of quality?


Quick and error-free software application can be placed under quality services – thus, when you are searching for an IT firm, make sure that you do not focus on the numbers of projects delivered, rather take a look on their client list and their satisfaction levels. If possible have a word with the  clientele to get an idea about how much the company concentrates on the quality.

Indifferent attitude towards deadlines
Well, most of the companies that take up IT Outsourcing services are well-known for their professionalism; however, at times, there are problems in meeting the deadlines, may be due to the lack of communication or lack of infrastructure.

Therefore, be very particular about communication – specific clearly about your requirements and the time period within which you require the service. Moreover, also check the robustness of the infrastructure of the company.

Points to Keep in Mind While choosing an iPad App Development Company

iPad app with its awesome functions has brought a technological revolution – a good iPad application development company becomes imperative to get impeccable results.

iPads are probably the most groundbreaking inventions of the century. It has compressed even a minutest functionality of a full-fledged computer into a compact device. Primarily due to this, it is regarded as a technological marvel. Number of its users is augmenting – in fact they have sky rocketed in the past couple of years. This has consequently resulted into growth of whole new industry vertical called iPad apps development.

There has been a tremendous expansion of iPad app development service, mainly because of the exciting and awesome functionality that it offers. Many companies into the area of IT and software development has plunged into this rapidly budding sector. And, this particular trend has presented infinite alternatives for people willing to avail this service.

With growing number of alternatives getting easily accessible, it gets all the more important to be careful to avoid any issues or tribulations at a later stage, as in order to stay in the market and survive the competition many enterprises would take up an extensive marketing approach. However, as it is said “all that glitters is not gold” – therefore, when you think about taking on to professional service from an iPad application development company, be careful not to get carried away by the marketing tactics.As a matter of fact, it is advisable to look into more realistic factors some of which are given below:

Sound infrastructure and resourceful iPad developer

The glossy or attractive advertisements or publicity will never be able to replace what well versed and seasoned iPad app developer would do. Thus, it is very important to make sure to check out on an extremely significant aspect – a rich pool of resourceful and experienced iPad app developers. A team of prolific developers with their exclusive expertise provides that cutting edge and goodwill in the market. In addition, robust infrastructure like required software and hardware support needs to be examined.

A well-organized work ecosystem

All the talent and expertise gets wasted; if there is no proper streamlining of the task. Therefore, be very peculiar to note this factor (might sound to be trivial, but it is of due importance).  It is recommended to take a close look at the overall working culture of the company, inquiry about its reputation from the market. This will help to you get an idea about the credentials of the firm, which would help you better to take a decision. Any kind of mismanagement on the part of service provider will not only cost of money, but also very valuable asset – time.

Clarify your doubts at the initial stages

It is very evident that while dealing with an iPad application development organization to have several doubts. It is better to ask outright questions to clear the air of apprehensions and anticipations. Making things clear since the beginning could make it easy for you to guess factors like reliability and quality of the work done by them. Any hesitation in asking questions might let you fall in difficulty.

iPad app with its awesome functions has brought a technological revolution – a good iPad application development company becomes imperative to get impeccable results.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leverage your business with iPad Application Development

With iPad gaining a reputation among the techno-buffs all over the world, iPad app development has become the need of the hour to extend your business and give the touch of iPad applications.

The year 2010 saw a great transformation in the virtual ambit – A device called iPad was launched, which eventually changed the industry verticals; in fact it gave a tremendous boost to the online business transactions. With its fascinating set of applications, it offers unlimited means to good business opportunities that apparently improves the overall performance of any enterprise, thus ensuring great success. Hence, the demands for impeccable iPad Apps Development services have gone up in the past few years.

iPad App developmenthave been famous for delivering a series of stimulating as well as extremely useful applications which in turn has empowered the corporate companies totweak as well as break the geographical constraints. It may be quite incredible for many to believe (since it is mostly seen as a means of entertainment) that iPads and few of its applications can actually make a great difference in giving leverage to your output.

Due to some of its awesome applications and their functions; the iPads are gaining substantially huge user base round the world. Such a vast number of users will eventually have a positive impact on you’re the commercial activities of your enterprise. Basically, iPad application development integrates a major part of your services or products into features like games, navigational tools, social networking sites etc. Such an amalgamation makes it easily accessible to the larger group. The potential clients can therefore, approach, you online as well as order their requirements using the application developed for their iPads.

It may sound a bit blown out of proportion; however, having the services of iPad app developer can certainly make your sales climb up tremendously. As mentioned in the above paragraph these features can give a user more access to your services and products, they would sooner or later realize your presence in the market and hence you would unquestionably consider your company to get their desired services or product. Moreover,iPad apps provide an interactive medium gives a cutting edge to your way of presentation, which again can draw individuals towards your company.

Effective and flawless communication is the key to success– and it applies to corporate establishments of all size.Hiringan iPad app developer can to a certain extent resolve the problems of communication gap that affects your relations with your clientele. As most of these include hi-tech features which play an important part in streamlining the channel as well as simplify the process of online interaction.  This obviously leads to have a strong bond between your business associate and thus ensure better opportunities.

Moreover, when you go for an iPad app development service, you also get an opportunity to have a set of application, which predominately targets your commercial requirements. It will entirely focus on an integration which will support the user’s need for creative interface as well as systematic approach to the in business operations. In short, it will give an innovative twist to the core processes leading to the success of your venture.