Saturday, October 6, 2012

Challenges of IT Outsourcing Services and their Solutions

It is said that every problem has a solution – So, if you are facing any issues for searching Offshore Software Development Company, here are the solutions.

IT outsourcing services has gained tremendous momentum in the last decade – It has resulted into drastic socio-economic changes in many developing countries. And hence, in order to reap maximum benefits from this “flow of work”, many such IT companies have come up, like mushrooms, in these countries.

Though, contracting out IT solution services has become a “trend” among many companies in the west; the concern people come across certain challenges while outsourcing – It ranges from finding the right company to miscommunication and from finding quality to indifference for deadlines. In this article we will shed some light on these Challenges and also on the steps to tackle these issues.

Finding right Offshore Software Development Company
This, in fact, is the biggest test faced by many willing to outsource IT solutions – Since, the geo-political and cultural distance still exist, the problem of finding the right kind of company becomes quite serious. The separation does make it difficult to search for genuine companies; however, it is not impossible.

To ascertain genuineness of the Offshore Development Center, make sure you pay attention on the quality of its work, the efficiency of human resources and most importantly its goodwill in the market. Following this few points will certainly help you to at least distinguish right and fake companies.


Lack of Communication

Effective communication is the key to success for any business – And it plays an important role when it comes to IT outsourcing services. Again it is the remoteness of physical location that affects the interaction. Thus, sometimes, the result is not what is imagined or required and that indeed becomes a challenge at both the ends to explain and understand the requirements.


Well, the internet revolution, this issue gets an excellent solution – it “virtually” connects the whole world. Nowadays, every organization in any part of the world is equipped with an internet connection; thus, it channelizes one-to-one interactions – In fact, it facilitates both client and the service provider with video conferencing, which in a way narrows the communication gap.

Determinates of Quality Services
Since, it varies from person to person and organization to organization, it is also a problem to determine what best quality service is? – Especially when you are cracking a deal with an offshore software development firm. So, what are determinates of quality?


Quick and error-free software application can be placed under quality services – thus, when you are searching for an IT firm, make sure that you do not focus on the numbers of projects delivered, rather take a look on their client list and their satisfaction levels. If possible have a word with the  clientele to get an idea about how much the company concentrates on the quality.

Indifferent attitude towards deadlines
Well, most of the companies that take up IT Outsourcing services are well-known for their professionalism; however, at times, there are problems in meeting the deadlines, may be due to the lack of communication or lack of infrastructure.

Therefore, be very particular about communication – specific clearly about your requirements and the time period within which you require the service. Moreover, also check the robustness of the infrastructure of the company.

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