Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Famous Mobile Application Development platforms

Today the hybrid of computer and mobile are smart phones. They are like mini-computers, capable of performing multiple tasks together. Earlier, it was not possible for mobile phones to perform computer-like tasks, but now they do! Now everything is achieved and made possible due to smart phone's operating system platform and its application development environment. The mobile technology and implementation area has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Mobile manufacturers have come up with vast range of feature-rich, latest OS smart phones for users worldwide. Most mobile companies offer many smart phones at reasonable prices, thereby increasing its reach among public.

Following are the technologies for smartphones and mobile application development:

iPhone: Apple's super successful iPhone is the king of the market. Its iOS 4 is the latest version of iPhone operating system. Apple iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) is used for application development. The apps can be development by anybody and then uploaded on Apple App Store too for sale.

BlackBerry: BlackBerry is, by and large, the most popular as well as considered the most ideal business phone. Being the most preferred mobile phone for businessmen, its apps are designed and developed accordingly. Its applications are based on Java platform and its brand new latest version is 7.0.

Android: It is fast growing to become the next most popular mobile operating system in the mobile market. With a bright future, large number of mobile manufacturers is getting linked up with Android. An open source by Google, its latest mobile version is 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) and for tablet is 3.2 (Honeycomb). Android apps are based on Java application.

Symbian: The largest producer of Smart phones is Nokia, which uses Symbian OS in them. Its latest version is the Symbian^3. Symbian applications are developed on C++ technology.

Windows: Microsoft’s mobile operating system is Windows 7. Though Microsoft's is struggling because of tough contenders, its recent launch is the Windows 7 which gives you a feel of Microsoft's desktop OS.

BREW: It is created by QUALCOM. Essentially it was built for CDMA phones but now it also supports GSM. BREW mobile apps development is very flexible; its apps can be developed on C++ using the BREW SDK. Java based development is also possible if JVM is there on the mobile.

J2ME: It is the most famous mobile application development platform. Being an open source technology it supports diverse development platforms. It was designed by Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle.

Thus, the mobile application development area is widening everyday with cutthroat competition making mobile app developer work arduously to develop classic and innovative apps for smart phones of all popular brands.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flex Development is ideal for RIA

Flex development has had great significance in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Adobe Flex is highly popular among internet users internationally. Flex developers create powerful internet applications with the help of this technology. By and large, most websites that you come across on the internet are a result of this technology. A varied number of other frameworks like Silverlight, Cappuccino, Rich AJAX programming, .NET framework, Lively Kernel, and Curl, but still the most famous of them all is Adobe Flex.

The Flex framework consists of three main sections, they are, Abode Action Script that is used to run client side scripts that control the application's behavior at client end. Secondly, MXML is used to manage interface application's objects, and class library is service component where developers can use the library or develop custom components. Thirdly, Flex application development uses both Flex SDK and Adobe Flash Builder. Flex SDK is only a set of guidelines - a coding framework for creating flex applications.
Flex development:
  • Flex development can be integrated with all major server side technologies like PHP, Java, ASP.NET, CSS3 and HTML5, as it is client side technology.
  • 3D animation is supported by Adobe Flex which enables you to involve in multimedia effects on websites. With 3D animation, the level of websites can be enhanced to a higher level, giving it a modern look to website development, and is considered by many as the future of web designing.
  • Internet applications developed using Flex can run smoothly on any type of browser with Flash Player and on the desktop with Adobe AIR. With the assistance of server technologies such as Java, PHP or ASP.NET, it is easier to fetch real time data.
  • Adobe Flex's rich library makes the creation of online dashboards very simple for web-masters. It also provides interactive graphs and charts for data evaluation. Flex developer can custom-build dynamic components like drill-down and content rollover capabilities.
  • The Adobe Action Script is the crux of Flex which provides interactivity to the applications and controls integration of flex applications.
  • Huge number of offshore development companies are engaged in custom development, and so you can for sure outsource the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Adobe Flex comes with an automated bug testing feature that helps in the elimination of bugs in initial stages – lessening on development time immensely and saving on money too.
All these above features make Flex the most well-known platform for Rich Internet Applications. Flex Programming has taken over the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) sphere completely. Its popularity has had such a lot of impact that Flex developers have become the authority when it comes to development of Rich Internet Applications.

Dynamic Benefits of ASP.NET development

Today, ASP.NET is a classy scripting language in the technical field, along with this; it is also well-known for web application framework. Being developed by Microsoft Company, ASP.NET development has some recognized standard of consideration in the competitive web world. It has been mainly set for Active Server Pages.Net. It is used for the development and enhancement of certain web pages and web apps which is considered an important part of Microsoft's.Net framework vision.

ASP.NET Program is very powerful web application development process, which allows developers to build and extend their dynamic business websites, web services, web technologies and more. ASP.NET Developers are experts in creating and developing large from even small scaled business, ranging from individual websites to large enterprise-class web application.

ASP.NET Programmer can handle lot of web content management easily. It works like control form of those custom components. ASP.NET server shares a common user interface (UI) elements of the tax code, production and implementation of certain tasks, but for web page forms. ASP.NET application development is an excellent salutary service, used for the development of web apps. Being built on a common language run-time, its easy to used on any Windows server for hosting your powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.

Professionally trained ASP.NET developer provides ASP Code, ASP Help, ASP Tutorials, ASP web development and web based programming solutions. ASP.NET development codes are mainly emphasized for automatic formation of the useful information to display it on your web pages. Such development service is a complete solution for creating and developing dynamic and professional website and other web services through its great features to expand the online business. These server-side technologies are important contributions to the development of the Web.

Notable benefits of ASP.NET Development are clearly described as under:
  • Implementation of “Vision Flexibility” for successful Process in any browser
  • Drastic reduction in the amount of required codes, through, ASP.NET, for the development of large apps
  • Mainly focused on server-side technology, therefore ASP.NET code, firstly executes on the server before it is sent to the browser
  • High ranged security and safety – protects ASP.NET code to be viewed from the browser
  • ASP.NET development is quite easy, quick and reliable. And there is no need to register components because the configuration information is built-in
  • Skillful ability to edit, change or add any content of a web page
  • Standardized ability to access any data or database and return the results to a browser
In brief ASP.NET, the next generation version of Microsoft's ASP, a programming framework, is used to create enterprise-class web sites, web applications, and technologies. The online sites developed under ASP.NET Programmer results in speedy multiple operations and excellent performance of the varied processes.

Outsourcing Joomla Development - more beneficial and reliable for web development

There has been a drastic change in the web world with many revolutionary technologies. With the evolution of public demands, competitive market has been raised speedily, which also needs to focus on high-quality and long-lasting stability for the maintenance of the products in the market. With such huge offerings of software, Joomla puts in successful effort to contribute to real web Joomla development which helps companies to handle their business websites as well as content management system (CMS). If you are in search of Joomla developers then, now there is lot of companies which offers the outsourcing of Joomla developers. In accordance to your project requirements and budget, you can choose the best Joomla experts! The availability of professional Joomla developers is quite easy for large, mid and even small firms. Even the reliability of such developers is maintained with their hard work, talent and experience.

While choosing a company for hiring the right developer, make sure you get all required services like web development and implementation, online shopping cart, Joomla web design integration, module and component installation, extension development, custom modules development, custom components development, project management, newsflash scrolling, newsletter with subscribe and un-subscribe options, Joomla customization, troubleshooting, etc at affordable prices.

To choose the outsourcing experts in Joomla development, that can be the best decision for you instead of building a team of developers in-house. This will help you to get many advantages as under:
  • Joomla works as a cost-effective and truly proficient product. Joomla development saves your time and 50-60% of your money spent on Joomla developers (while setting up in-house team), thereby completing your project before hand, successfully! Additionally, well-experienced professionals help to even low-down the expenses of the developers that you have to pay even if the team fails to work efficiently.
  • Furthermore, the flexibility is the need of any field of the company located world-wide. Therefore, make sure you get the maximum required flexibility from the developers while selecting your Joomla development company and developers. Even if you wish to hire Joomla developer as per your online business needs, it is easily possible now and don't worry about the efficiency of developers towards their work. They are well-trained professionals flexible to work for large, mid and even small scale firms, and with true commitment work for the successful outcome of the given project.
  • Hiring Joomla outsourcing instead of full-time Joomla experts can help you to save half of the cost and the time of your web project. Most importantly, you can also get customized web development solutions under outsourcing PHP developers who are professionally expert and experienced in such development. Outsourcing is good to finish projects successfully in given time-limit. And this not only makes good impression on clients but also raises your profit-graph of online business.
If you are in search of improving online business efficiency then outsourcing is an excellent solution for any large, mid or small ranged company. And hiring an intelligent, talented and experienced CMS Joomla developer will provide the different solutions and alternatives of the adaptive technologies leading your website to be more attractive and user-friendly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

5 top reasons to choose Magento Development

The inception of Ecommerce brought a drastic change in the way people shopped for goods. It transformed the entire idea of shopping to a whole new level, by bringing it online on the internet. It came to be fantastically popular as every single item was up on sale, there were no hassles of going physically from shop to shop for an item or compare rates, everything was available at one place – the internet, with just a few clicks. It brought massive number of shoppers online, to indulge in a completely new shopping experience, which later mushroomed the number of ecommerce websites on the net. In 2008, Magento came into the picture with the aim of helping you ‘grow your online business’.

Magento offers the most important features in the form of online shopping carts which gradually made it well-known worldwide. Nevertheless, Magento became one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. The Magento Store offers numerous features like wide number of functionalities and provides administrator control over the store. It gives you control over the look, content and functionality of your online store.

Following are top five reasons to choose Magento Development:

1. Get detailed reports on components: Magento is integrated with Google Analytics, where an admin is there to check and keep track of the reports like sales report, stock report, tax report, products report, total sales invoiced, total sales refunded, report of coupon, etc. And catalogue browsing report is about the items recently viewed, comparison of that item with the other of the same category, then product review, etc. You can see multiple products by zooming them along with the related products, stock availability of the product, option of selecting the product, and you can also send the image of the products through email.

2. Customer Service: Magento development guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. And for this, to provide valuable services to customers, there is the ‘Contact Us’ section, customer accounts, history of orders and their status, option to make and edit orders from the admin panel, order tracking from account, and update emails regarding order and account.

3. Shipping and Payment: Magento Customization provides the option of detecting acceptable countries with normal rate of shipping per order. As far as payment is concerned, you are charged after the invoice is made and payment can be done through different payment systems.

4. SEO friendly: Magento SEO is always done in a way to make the online store very search engine friendly and also includes of Google sitemap.

5. International support: Magento is completely supported on the linguistic basis worldwide alongside with the assistance of currencies and tax.

Thus, Magento gives companies the ultimate ecommerce solutions through assistance of expert Magento developer.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Professional PHP programmers understand your prerequisites best

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source scripting language. It is used for the development of dynamic web pages and web based applications that means, in the broad sense covering the entire web development sector. Developed 16 years ago, this scripting language is used as an important part in many other open source technologies like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, CakePHP, phpBB, etc. With plentiful advantages incorporated in it, developer's requirements are met in the most prominent way which has made it the preferred choice of most developers and also of offshore software development companies around the world. PHP web development is full of advantageous features which have made developers and programmers more competent and has given them the platform to prove their capabilities and show how effectively and creatively they can use PHP.

Some of the striking features of PHP are listed as follows:
  • PHP is available free of cost, so anyone can download it and use it. No licenses or keys are required for it, plus, you get its dynamic services as benefits.
  • Being an open source technology, it is constantly getting updated and therefore only PHP developers can understand them easily and faster, and provide the best solutions that suit your need.
  • It is used in various other source technologies in which PHP is used and incorporated, they are Joomla, Drupal, Magento, cakePHP, etc. Each of them is unique in their own way and offers unique web development solutions.
  • It supports other technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, C, C++, Java/AJAX, etc as well.
Millions of users use PHP development for the development of their web pages and other web applications. Apart from this, several offshore software development companies make use of PHP web development services. Offshore companies hire PHP programmer to get their task completed. They acquire outsource PHP programming from talented and experienced PHP programmers.

PHP development provides solutions in:
  • Web design and development
  • Social media/ networking site
  • Ecommerce website
  • Online catalogs
  • Web-based application
  • Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System)
PHP programmers are hired because of the sole purpose of getting well-written and proper coding. They work in accordance to the client's needs and requirements - understanding every small criterion and then start working. A professional PHP programmer can only very well comprehend the prerequisites of the client, and give them exactly what they asked for without any confusion. IT companies offering offshore services, web development, web designing services, PHP programming, etc are the ones who are experts of this area. PHP Professionals belonging to such reputed and widely experienced companies must be the once you should hire to get the best of their know-how in PHP development.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SharePoint Customization immensely beneficial to all enterprises

If we talk about the successfully dominated web app platform, then today, Microsoft SharePoint is on the top. Because of satisfactory success in the market, multiple large, mid and small companies firmly rely on SharePoint development to get full-support for their different enterprise requirements and thereby for replacement of different web apps. The platform mainly develops information gateways within the company landscape for the employees to incorporate all the available information within the company at one central location. By hiring professionally talented SharePoint developer, it becomes easy to facilitate and build collective reports in an organization. SharePoint works as a effective tool for the harmonious development of employees' integration and build one-to-one relationship. As said, if you wish to accomplish remarkable benefits of SharePoint, you need to assist well- experienced SharePoint developer.

Interactive Experts can make the most out of the available; it is either to utilize complete benefits out of App software or to help organizational employees in terms of better communication to get the work done. SharePoint customization experts focus on the exchange of content and other information, as well as on the increase of productivity within the business environment. With the increase in cut-throat competition, the app is constantly advanced with the latest technologies for the perfect performance and thereby gives tough fight to other such categorized apps in the market. It is ameliorated in user interface for facilitating much better online editing. It not only supports the site visitors, but is quite functional in terms of better integration with Microsoft Office.

SharePoint Implementation functions as a professional developer, a designer or a user who has skillful capabilities, tools or designing structure to develop and enhance business solutions and thereafter, incorporates with the existing line of business information, process and tools. The above stated facts of the features and functions, proves that SharePoint dominates in web apps and it is being used by millions of organizations to make great deal on integrating information. After successful SharePoint Implementation, it becomes quite easy to manage and supply extranet and Intranet portals, including multiple websites. Being multi-purposeful and highly scalable Microsoft platform, it makes a way for companies to get collaboration spaces, enterprise search, document, and file management, information integration, business intelligence tooling, and third-party developed solutions.

The Software provides remarkably appealing solutions, extended potentialities and various other notable things which raise the standard of SharePoint. With the development of automated solutions and reduction of assortment of outlays by storing data in a solitary resource which is generally accessed by authorized employees engaged in the specific project, makes the SharePoint basic concept to run quickly i.e. to equip the specific Microsoft project with applicability and simplicity by creating an app that is handy to learn and use.

If you aim for maximum productivity, then improved information integration is necessary and for that, you need aid and assistance of acquainted SharePoint consulting experts which is easy because the availability of multiple Professional SharePoint Developers at different cost rates has been increased. So, now any firm can easily go for well-recognized, professionally experienced, and established company or individual service provider for the effective results at minimum cost.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outsource your iPhone Apps Development projects

Ever since the iPhone launched, Apple's mania has increased among gadget lovers. By making such sleek and trendy devices, Apple not only gained popularity for itself but also provided an avenue for aspiring developers to show their creativity. Just stating iPhone as a device would not be sufficient! It is purely an innovative creation of Apple Inc. which allows users to carry on multiple tasks with an ease. iPhone Apps developers haven't made any compromise to develop a classic iPhone apps with fantastic performance and functionalities. iPhone App development is for the one who likes either to work or play. And it becomes easy for users to get qualified downloadable apps from the Apple App Store through their iPhones.

All modern, high-end, exclusively fantastic and advanced features are incorporated within iPhone, just like today's smart phones. Not only current market features such as 3G or an interesting touch-screen or huge space for photos, videos and music device, but you can get a lot more in this small device. Even today, iPhone developers, all around the world are engrossed to build standardized and innovative advancement in the performance and functionalities of iPhone with the launch of various versions. iPhone Apps development is a growing industry and therefore many firm developers are trying their luck to get into the industry to get into apps store. Expanding business through selling such apps is quite easy rather than handling any multi-national projects. And to bring a change in large industrial cost-cutting towards reduction in project costs, many companies get involved in more profitable endeavors. This is the main reason for the growth and development of outsourcing industry especially for iphone development.

Reasons to outsource your iPhone apps development Project

There are many solid reasons to this specification. In fact, Outsourcing is a very good option to provide notably effective benefits with accurate end result. Below list of facts declares that to develop iPhone application development under Professional iPhone apps developer for hire is equivalent to getting a reward.
  • Least Project Cost
Outsourcing is always cost effective; as such you don't need to spend money on hiring, infrastructure or maintenance. What you need to do is to post a project, get bids and allow an outsourcing partner to work for you. If you notice that companies are shutting down due to rising infrastructure and man power costs, then outsourcing proves its value, even to be the smartest choice. It reduces the project costs significantly.
  • On-time delivery
You can also make sure that your iPhone application development project is completed within the stipulated time while you outsource your project. Such contracts get you relief from the handling of time and liability in your project completion on both sides.
  • Reach Global Talent
Outsourcing your iPhone application development project can definitely make you reach global talent. You can hire the best iPhone apps developers from around the world for your project. Location is not a constraint in case of outsourcing which is a visible bliss and you do not have to compromise on talent either.
By having a look and experience of mind-blowing benefits, today large, mid or small scaled companies are in search of outsourcing the iPhone application development projects under professionally trained experts.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NJ SEO Company-Guides to track your SEO efforts/plans

SEO Company's first and foremost aim is to help you achieve high ranking on the search engines. It can be even described as their ultimate goal of achievement. Traffic only belongs to the top ranking sites, especially Top3! After 3rd position in any search engine, the traffic drastically drops down, stating their least worth in the web world. So, if you wish to know your SEO team efforts, check out your website's search ranking - the only way of tracking SEO results. SEO NJ provides you the classic 3 ways to make sure that your SEO plan is providing what you need.

Try a Trace the happening, when traffic gets to your website. By tracking certain market required keywords, will make the traffic flow to remain interested when they arrive at your site. But the importance is whether the visitors remain for long time on your website or not! If they stay for a while that means your website isn't providing them with what exactly they want or expected within the site content. This is termed as the bounce rate of your site. The higher the bounce rate, the higher the visitors' visit and leaving process on your website, (that too) rapidly with dissatisfaction. Under such situation of high bouncing rate, if you are concentrating only on limited keywords then it’s time to extend your website content with all appropriate keywords and features which your visitors are looking for.

Thereafter, SEO New Jersey experts focus on your conversion rate which is just like the bounce rate. But it’s more in-depth in terms of consideration. Conversion rate can be defined as the ratio of visitors to buyers of a site when any goods/products or services are sold. It's an easy way of indicating that whether your SEO is on right track or not. There is possibility of contradiction in conversion and bounce rates, especially when you have a large site. Sometimes, there are few visitors which flow around your site now and then, but end up leaving with nothing. And this results into a low bounce rate which is good but also a conversion rate which isn't too good! If you are about to consider these two factors when you have a good rate of visitors, it is important to try to focus on a good conversion rate for excellent results.

Furthermore, our NJ SEO Company provides another out of many useful ways in tracking your SEO. Check out which other keywords, except the regular targeted ones; bring more traffic to your site. With the availability of multiple variations on provided market keywords or phrases, it’s important to check which ones are appropriate for your site or whether you are hitting the targeted keywords, and if still it doesn't seem to work, it's better to target another variation of the same word to enhance your website's traffic and online visibility. The simplest way of changing or modifying demanded keywords is to add a modifier to any one or more of your existing keywords. Modifiers are usually phrases such as:
  • Best
  • Ways to
  • Solutions
  • How to
With such precise modification, you will direct your visitors for the exact content which they were looking for and increase the traffic exactly on the site where you wanted! Thus, with above listed factors of SEO NJ, you will surely improve your Search Engine Optimization results as well as search engine rankings in no time effortlessly.