Monday, July 18, 2011

5 top reasons to choose Magento Development

The inception of Ecommerce brought a drastic change in the way people shopped for goods. It transformed the entire idea of shopping to a whole new level, by bringing it online on the internet. It came to be fantastically popular as every single item was up on sale, there were no hassles of going physically from shop to shop for an item or compare rates, everything was available at one place – the internet, with just a few clicks. It brought massive number of shoppers online, to indulge in a completely new shopping experience, which later mushroomed the number of ecommerce websites on the net. In 2008, Magento came into the picture with the aim of helping you ‘grow your online business’.

Magento offers the most important features in the form of online shopping carts which gradually made it well-known worldwide. Nevertheless, Magento became one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. The Magento Store offers numerous features like wide number of functionalities and provides administrator control over the store. It gives you control over the look, content and functionality of your online store.

Following are top five reasons to choose Magento Development:

1. Get detailed reports on components: Magento is integrated with Google Analytics, where an admin is there to check and keep track of the reports like sales report, stock report, tax report, products report, total sales invoiced, total sales refunded, report of coupon, etc. And catalogue browsing report is about the items recently viewed, comparison of that item with the other of the same category, then product review, etc. You can see multiple products by zooming them along with the related products, stock availability of the product, option of selecting the product, and you can also send the image of the products through email.

2. Customer Service: Magento development guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. And for this, to provide valuable services to customers, there is the ‘Contact Us’ section, customer accounts, history of orders and their status, option to make and edit orders from the admin panel, order tracking from account, and update emails regarding order and account.

3. Shipping and Payment: Magento Customization provides the option of detecting acceptable countries with normal rate of shipping per order. As far as payment is concerned, you are charged after the invoice is made and payment can be done through different payment systems.

4. SEO friendly: Magento SEO is always done in a way to make the online store very search engine friendly and also includes of Google sitemap.

5. International support: Magento is completely supported on the linguistic basis worldwide alongside with the assistance of currencies and tax.

Thus, Magento gives companies the ultimate ecommerce solutions through assistance of expert Magento developer.

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