Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flex Development is ideal for RIA

Flex development has had great significance in the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Adobe Flex is highly popular among internet users internationally. Flex developers create powerful internet applications with the help of this technology. By and large, most websites that you come across on the internet are a result of this technology. A varied number of other frameworks like Silverlight, Cappuccino, Rich AJAX programming, .NET framework, Lively Kernel, and Curl, but still the most famous of them all is Adobe Flex.

The Flex framework consists of three main sections, they are, Abode Action Script that is used to run client side scripts that control the application's behavior at client end. Secondly, MXML is used to manage interface application's objects, and class library is service component where developers can use the library or develop custom components. Thirdly, Flex application development uses both Flex SDK and Adobe Flash Builder. Flex SDK is only a set of guidelines - a coding framework for creating flex applications.
Flex development:
  • Flex development can be integrated with all major server side technologies like PHP, Java, ASP.NET, CSS3 and HTML5, as it is client side technology.
  • 3D animation is supported by Adobe Flex which enables you to involve in multimedia effects on websites. With 3D animation, the level of websites can be enhanced to a higher level, giving it a modern look to website development, and is considered by many as the future of web designing.
  • Internet applications developed using Flex can run smoothly on any type of browser with Flash Player and on the desktop with Adobe AIR. With the assistance of server technologies such as Java, PHP or ASP.NET, it is easier to fetch real time data.
  • Adobe Flex's rich library makes the creation of online dashboards very simple for web-masters. It also provides interactive graphs and charts for data evaluation. Flex developer can custom-build dynamic components like drill-down and content rollover capabilities.
  • The Adobe Action Script is the crux of Flex which provides interactivity to the applications and controls integration of flex applications.
  • Huge number of offshore development companies are engaged in custom development, and so you can for sure outsource the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Adobe Flex comes with an automated bug testing feature that helps in the elimination of bugs in initial stages – lessening on development time immensely and saving on money too.
All these above features make Flex the most well-known platform for Rich Internet Applications. Flex Programming has taken over the Rich Internet Applications (RIA) sphere completely. Its popularity has had such a lot of impact that Flex developers have become the authority when it comes to development of Rich Internet Applications.

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