Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Famous Mobile Application Development platforms

Today the hybrid of computer and mobile are smart phones. They are like mini-computers, capable of performing multiple tasks together. Earlier, it was not possible for mobile phones to perform computer-like tasks, but now they do! Now everything is achieved and made possible due to smart phone's operating system platform and its application development environment. The mobile technology and implementation area has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Mobile manufacturers have come up with vast range of feature-rich, latest OS smart phones for users worldwide. Most mobile companies offer many smart phones at reasonable prices, thereby increasing its reach among public.

Following are the technologies for smartphones and mobile application development:

iPhone: Apple's super successful iPhone is the king of the market. Its iOS 4 is the latest version of iPhone operating system. Apple iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) is used for application development. The apps can be development by anybody and then uploaded on Apple App Store too for sale.

BlackBerry: BlackBerry is, by and large, the most popular as well as considered the most ideal business phone. Being the most preferred mobile phone for businessmen, its apps are designed and developed accordingly. Its applications are based on Java platform and its brand new latest version is 7.0.

Android: It is fast growing to become the next most popular mobile operating system in the mobile market. With a bright future, large number of mobile manufacturers is getting linked up with Android. An open source by Google, its latest mobile version is 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) and for tablet is 3.2 (Honeycomb). Android apps are based on Java application.

Symbian: The largest producer of Smart phones is Nokia, which uses Symbian OS in them. Its latest version is the Symbian^3. Symbian applications are developed on C++ technology.

Windows: Microsoft’s mobile operating system is Windows 7. Though Microsoft's is struggling because of tough contenders, its recent launch is the Windows 7 which gives you a feel of Microsoft's desktop OS.

BREW: It is created by QUALCOM. Essentially it was built for CDMA phones but now it also supports GSM. BREW mobile apps development is very flexible; its apps can be developed on C++ using the BREW SDK. Java based development is also possible if JVM is there on the mobile.

J2ME: It is the most famous mobile application development platform. Being an open source technology it supports diverse development platforms. It was designed by Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle.

Thus, the mobile application development area is widening everyday with cutthroat competition making mobile app developer work arduously to develop classic and innovative apps for smart phones of all popular brands.

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