Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debunking Four Common Myths of iPad App Development Service

This article is an attempt to “blow off the myths” and preconceived notions which engulf the iPad application development and make it look ethereal.

The success story of iPad application development services can become a major concept for a book – the popularity it has gained within a short period of time is nothing but “phenomenal”. And today, it is considered as one of the most lucrative fields (tough, relatively young) in the technological ambit.

However, as it always happens with very “phenomena”; the escalating growth rate of iPad app development services has also created an “Air of Myth” around it.  It is somewhat normal (for laymen) to form an opinion about anything – especially about a state-of-the-art and futuristic device like iPads, and therefore, (sometimes) it gets difficult to notice the real benefits and the crux of this wonderful service.

Let us try to find out some of these common myths:

Myth #1: Apps are useful only to a specific section of people

  Now, this myth is something that definitely should top the list – It is true that iPad (itunes stores) has few apps, which might be applicable to a certain section; for example entrepreneurs or business executives. But this is just a part of reality – it is what we perceive. With exceeding demands from the general users; iPad app developers are regularly coming up with different apps – ranging from games to social networking features and from business to educational apps – Just name it and there are all the chances that you would find it on the Apple Store.

Myth #2: An App is created in a day

Reality:  “Rome was not built in day” – This proverb applies to practically everything; even to the iPad app development.  There is a normal notion that an expert iPad app developer will not take more than a day to develop interactive and innovative applications. But, it is notion needs some reconsiderations – One needs to remember that it is a step by step procedure which requires a systemic approach – right from development to testing every process has to done with proper flow.

Myth #3: Application development is an expensive affair

Reality: It is somewhat debatable – it again depends on the type and quality of app. But to generalize whole thing is not right! The expense of development primarily depends on the content, functionalities and design. So, if you want a simple looking app, with limited functionalities, then it would not cost you more. So, next time, if you are planning to get an app for your organization; do not back out just because you think it is out of your (financial) reach.

Myth #4: Only some apps can get success!

Reality: Since iPad device is extending its reach among people from all age groups and all professions, iPad application development services, by and large targets every user. Therefore, if the app actually possesses that X-factor, nothing can stop it from becoming a huge success.  It is important to get out of this mindset, and realize that creative, useful and scalable applications have full potentials become a sensation.

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