Monday, October 15, 2012

Why India is becoming a hub for IT Outsourcing Services

In short, with a stable socio-eco-political scenario favoring Offshore outsourcing services, India has been able to create a niche for itself in global IT sector. 

The economic reforms of 1990s was indeed revolutionary for India – Along with many industries, it opened up the doors for IT outsourcing services, which gave a tremendous boost to the IT industry in the country. In fact, today, Indian IT sector has even become a reason for envy to its counterparts in the continent – like China. Now, it definitely makes one wonder as to what or which factors wrote the success story of the Information and Technology revolution in the country. 

Well, apart from the groundbreaking economic policy of the 90s; there are several reasons which gave a thrust to the offshore software development companies to flourish, transforming the Indian IT industry. 

As compared to the other countries in the continent, India is politically quite stable; the government usually adopts a liberal and tolerant attitude towards any foreign company coming for business in the country. Hence, it builds an environment of stability, trust and affability which lures and encourages many western nations to contract out services. 

Skilled and Cheap labor is one of the greatest factors that led to rise of offshore IT services – India is one of those countries who boast of having a huge pool of talented and qualified professionals. With different world class universities coming up in the region, the number of trained and skilled IT engineers, developers, testers has gone up; thus, the term “dearth of human resources” does not really exist in this country. 

Moreover, since, there is a disparity in the currency rates. The latest rate of Indian rupee against US dollar is 1 Indian rupee = 0.0190 US dollars (One rupee will cost you even less than a dollar). So, the labor cost and overall development cost is gets much lesser; for example an offshore software development charges around Rs. 50000for a project; it will cost you around $100. It obviously is quite reasonable, and doesn’t burden the pockets. (It is great money-saver offer; especially during the recession). 

Well, don’t just be judgmental about the quality, after knowing the cost – IT Outsourcing Services in India guarantees very good ROI (Return of Investments). Since, mentioned earlier, with an abundance of expert IT professionals, the end-result that comes is superior in terms of quality. The software or web (even mobile) applications developed by these programmers are nearly error-free, high on scalability and user-friendly. So, there will no compromise on quality on your part as well as it will not drain your pocket. 

Moreover, in whole region of Indian sub-continent; India is one such country which is quite tolerant and open to use a foreign language – English (It is an international medium of communication). (Unlike many nations in the region which are quite rigid to use their own language for communication). In fact, the nation has quite a good number of people who can fluently converse in English – This smashes the language barriers and thus, encourages many western nations to approach offshore software development company. They would easily explain as to what are their requirements and even understand what the developers want them to understand.


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