Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching for IT Outsourcing Services - Better to “look before you leap”

With growing number of Offshore Software development firms, it becomes all the more important to do thorough analysis of various aspects before finalizing any deal with an IT outsourcing service provider.

Past few decades may be path breaking for IT sector – the industry dynamics were drastically changed. People are getting techno-savvy which has resulted into an immense surge in the demand for advanced technological features and applications. With a subsequently growing gap between the “demand and supply” scenario, many American and European companies are contracting out the IT Solution Services in different Asian countries (prominently in India).

This outpouring of IT queries in these countries has eventually given a tremendous thrust to the IT industry and thus, many offshore software development companies are rapidly emerging in these regions (In fact it would not be any overexpression to say that such firms are coming up like “Mushrooms”).

Since, the number of enterprises offering IT Outsourcing Services has gone up to an incredible speed makes it even more difficult for anyone looking for such companies to choose “right” organization for better outcomes.

So, when you start looking out for any Offshore Software Development, make sure that you do not get carried away by a well-designed website and well-written web content. This may result into a lapse of judgment thus would cost you a lot (finances and more importantly Goodwill in the market). Therefore, it is very much recommended that before you can finalizing anything, better to keep some of the below points in mind.

Do not hesitate to ask questions 

It will be the website that will work as a “face” of the service provider; therefore, while interacting on phone or through online chat rooms, ask whatever question bothers you. This will let you make a thorough inquiry into the working culture and ethics of the IT Solution Service provider. Get through some of the details and credentials of the company. Sometimes, they might pose as having a robust infrastructure which in reality they might not even possess.

Ascertain your requirements  

As mentioned above, the number of IT Outsourcing Service providers has gone up tremendously. And most of specialize in a certain domain. Hence, before you strike a deal with any organization, be very certain about your requirements. This will enable you to identify the right place to go for.

Low cost does not necessarily means good services

What attracts many people towards Offshore Software Development firms is the “cost factor”. The services are much cheaper as compared to some of the companies in American and European countries. However, it would really be an unrealistic approach if you only look at the money aspect. Many such firms would cost you less financially, but have a very negative impact on the quality of work. It is here that you have to apply a little discretion.

Look for quality rather than quantity

Remember one thing “numbers are always deceptive” – therefore, while seeking out for an excellent IT outsourcing services, make sure that you focus on the quality factor more than the “numbers”. First thing that you need to look for is a strong team of experienced people who have a robust background of working into software development. Moreover, ask for some samples of their previous projects, this will give a better picture about the quality of the work.


Last but not the least, the interests of your company needs to be protected – Sometimes, while looking at other aspects, we generally tend to ignore that the Offshore software development company you are approaching is trustworthy or not. Since, the competition is getting fiercer; you choose a firm that is reliable enough to entrust some of the confidential information about your company.

An outstanding IT Outsourcing service provider, the author of the article has immense experience in the area of Offshore software development.

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