Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magento-Magnifies Online Presence Helping You in the Business

Magento is an e-Commerce platform which has useful set of tools which can bring better ranking for your online store! Magento is highly SEO- friendly and SEO-optimized engine out of the box. The holders of stores will find Magento advantages extremely attractive and helpful. All these help you to start a business sitting from anywhere in the world.

Magento development helps everyone to come up in the business of E-commerce. E-Commerce has dominated us as we people are highly time squeezed ones. User-friendly designs make the visitor operate hassle freely.

Winning the race has become the formula and destination as well of Ecommerce. Magento ecommerce platform offers new heights to the users to have perfect insight PHP application in E-commerce. Web presents extensive range of shopping cart answers for online stores. Amid the shopping carts which probably have the most numerous communities: Magento and os Commerce. Magento is a latest generation PHP-based open source e-commerce solution which offers great quantity of benefits. This shopping cart proposes online retailers full flexibility and power over the appearance, content, and functionality of their store.

Hire dedicated Magento developers for best integration services ultimately helps in redefining a web portal led to high degree of interactivity along with improved online presence. Magento has an extraordinary feature of the open source about shopping cart combining with Web 2.0 platform. So experts rightly have named it as ‘The future’ of Ecommerce!

Most recently the latest Magento version1.2.1 has been completed. Magento has all the qualities to escalate your business to the new height. The following features are enough to make anybody rich in the e-commerce.
  1. Multi site: One source code can be used to create many different shops; a product may be on different shops with different prices...
  1. Optimizing with Google keyword, create HTML Form page, activate Google Check out.
  1. Cache is quite perfect,
  1. Customization of extension is various and easy to use.
  1. Interface is beautiful and friendly to user.
  1. Integrate CMS system to post news articles, newsletter features and to send an email to customer who cares about products.
  1. Statistical features with many functions are very convenient for managers.
  1. Administrative decentralization is clear.
  1. Integrates with Ajax technology to display and load pages faster
  1. Tag feature links the product with similar functionality
Magento is worthy no 1 in open source about shopping cart. Most of the IT companies depend on Magento as its future is brighter. Feature rich Magento has become everybody’s need! These advantages have made Magento the ultimate choice.

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