Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SEO - A Tool for Strong Web Presence

Right key words play magic on your web site. Keywords also are highly important in website’s content. Previously keyword research was a tough job. Small business owners could not afford to buy keywords tools. A good keyword tool surely helps to increase your profit. SEO can be most powerful with a reliable keyword tool on your side and effective content writing. 

It is open secret that World Wide Web has become the international financial market presently. Literally everything is bought /sold/projected on the internet. There are approximately182 million web sites available on the internet. Still the number is on the increase. Because of this Search Engine Optimization has become all the more significant. Search Engine Optimization is for highlighting the Web presence. Optimization techniques are natural or organic way. 

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is considered as the best way of web marketing. A lot of technicality is involved bringing excellent result. SEO is needed for promotion of sites basically. Everyone is in online business; hence SEO is in great demand. SEO requires little bit of basic HTML. Optimizing web page or web site has been the main task of SEO. Web pages have to be SEO friendly to get higher position. 

The basic truth of SEO is, even if you are following all the rules and regulations very strictly, then also no guarantee of reaching the top position. If you set goals like getting into first 50 or 30, then you can achieve that target by SEO techniques. SEO helps to bring more traffic but it does not advertise. Main motto of SEO is to get top placement since your website is relevant to a search team and not because you pay. 

Another fact everyone should understand is SEO is only search engines but they are not humans. Search Engine goes by text. Though the technology is most advanced, search engines lack intelligence. Search engines always crawl following a particular text or key word. Crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving are the specific activities of search engines. A software called software, called a crawler or a spider helps crawling. These spiders follow links indexing everything that they stumble upon. 

Once the page has been crawled, next comes indexing of that page. The page which is indexed will be stored in data base to be retrieved when needed. The process of indexing includes finding key words, expressions on that assigned page. Search Engines will complete this task which is humanly impossible. This will help you to get a good ranking. Organic search optimization means unpaid, algorithm-driven results of any particular engine. Organic search engine optimization is very specialized and complicated method, defining success and failure of your web site. 

When we request for a particular thing, search engine compares with those indexed pages in data base. Then search engine calculates the relevancy then indexes to the search string. That is what we see on the screen when we type a key word. Multiple algorithms are available to calculate relevancy like keyword density, links and meta tags. 

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