Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Best Business iPad Apps on deck

The fad over iPad just doesn't seem to fade away. Rather seems to be growing higher and higher. Slowly and gradually it is becoming a multi-functional gadget for its promising performance in browsing, emailing, watching movies, listening to music, and similar all round performances, as a result making it highly popular among business men and especially sales. The splendid and sleek iPad provides applications with an 'Apple Cool factor' which offers a unique feature of being able to connect from anywhere, that will help the person using it to be able to access business files and folders or make business presentations on the way.

Here are some of the best top ten business iPad apps for sales:-

1. Go To Meeting - With the help of this app you can attend your meeting online. And with iPad's quality rich camera you have the possibility of video chatting and in the course, exchange presentation slides, documents, reports, etc. People who are traveling most of time, this is one beneficial application for them to stay connected. 

2. Billing with Time Master - Managing bills along with time management is crucial at times. And this is where this application makes an entry, in helping in both respects. Its 'punch in and punch out' feature makes it a favorable after a consistent use of the app is made, that will unlock its surprisingly accurate results. 

3. WSJ - Carrying newspapers or journals or magazines on daily basis can be tiring at a point. But the Wall Street Journal is the perfect app for iPad users to stay updated about current affairs.

4. Files2HD - This app is for file viewing that also permits download of files. The files supported by the app are that of Microsoft Office, Safari archives, PDF files, Google and text documents, pictures and movies of by and large all formats are compatible with Files2HD, that is available at $3.99.

5. Pages - This is Apple's version of the famous Microsoft Word. With Pages app you can create and edit documents using your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode.

6. Keynote - The Keynote app is here to enrich your presentations made on the iPad. With the help of this app you can create business presentations, slide shows, sales presentations, brochures and much more on your iPad. It lets you add photos, text, videos, tables, charts, and more in your presentation, which add sparkle to it.

7. Mariner Calc - is another version of spreadsheets. It has been part of Mac since some twenty years and has been a very successful app, as a result, was launched in the iPhone in 2009. With some 140+ built-in attributes, 24 maths, 18 finance, 13 statistics and everything a spreadsheet possesses is incorporated in it.

8. Print Central - This software assists you in printing any document created on Apple iPad with any Wi-Fi- printer. The app can also store emails, documents, files for later reviewing and printing.

9. Bento - With Bento comes Project Management. Available at the price of $4.99, you can find/follow projects and arrange meetings. Its 25 in-built templates include customers, billing, inventory, digital media, and others.

10. Sugar Sync - This application assists in creating documents' back-up by synchronizing data on multiple computers and other gadgets.

These were the top ten business applications for iPad which are now on sale. With these benefiting and user friendly apps your work will become easier on the run. You may also get similar apps on the internet, all you need to do is Google it.

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