Sunday, May 8, 2011

Magento - A B2B and B2C Solutions provider

The sector of Magento Development has grown in leaps and bounds over the years! It has helped in making the implementation of eCommerce online stores a very easy job. This open source ecommerce platform is customizable therefore it's the first priority of most clients. The affordability and its rich capabilities make it the top recommended solutions by most developers.

People owning a online web stores at some point or the other will have to look after their stores and products on their own. Hence, the online flexible solution which is handled easily by non-professionals is Magento Development. It is highly rich in terms of functionalities! Magento is assists in maintaining your online store efficiently with the basic knowledge you have of using the software.

Magento: B2B and B2C Solutions provider

Magento is one of the idle B2B and B2C Solutions provider as far as the online web market is concerned. Whether your eCommerce website is B2B (Business-to-Business) centered or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) centered, Magento is at your service.

Under the B2B segment, you can sell commodities to agents, who will then sell them to potential consumers. Magento enables you to create a different web store for every agent, where you can keep the products of his/her choice. That is, instead of building an altogether a different website for them, you can build an individual sub-store for your agents without wasting time any further. The inventory system of Magento is useful for you and your agents. Through the inventory, you come to know of the number of products sold by all your agent, and agents come to know of the count of products that are remaining in the inventory – resulting into better analysis of your sales. Your agents can come to know of the additions made in the inventory when you add some new products, without adding them in the agents' inventory separately.

As far as the B2C solution is concerned, Magento provides your costumers and visitors with easy-to-navigate online store with an amazing option of viewing multiple pictures of the product from various angles which will help consumers to decide whether it is the product they are looking for or not. Uncomplicated product browsing keeps users on the website for long a period and thereby keep browsing through it. Because of this impeccable feature of more product pictures, and straight-forward browsing, such web store have seen to gained higher sales than any other platforms, which is the aim of Magento Development.

Developers around the world have trained themselves with this platform, in order to serve the demand of the hour. Numbers of Magento Developers are at your service to help you build an idle online web-store for your business as well as acquaint you with techniques of maintaining the online store on your own in future.

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