Monday, July 2, 2012

Offshore Development Centers prove very effective for outsourcing

The article is about the benefits that Offshore Development Centers offer to clients and that outsourcing has become one of the increasing options that people are turning towards to cut on costs.

Offshore Development Center (ODC), as the name suggests, refers to outsourcing of development services better known as offshore software development. The main purpose of Offshore Development Center is to outsource services to different parts of the world as a measure of cost cutting, improving efficiency, and lowering overheads. This being its objective, the interaction between the buyer and seller is not in person, by and large, in most cases. Hence for some, the lack of personal contact is an area of concern but this is the basic scenario of Offshore Development Centers.

The buyer is totally clueless until s/he receives a solid output from the service provider at first. In ODC, the buyer has to have some faith in the service provider he has selected, i.e. trust their quality and reliability to some extent on which basis he chose them. In ODC, there are a bunch of talented team members who work on the client's project on full-time basis. This is the same situation like any other office, but only located elsewhere than the client's local city and lets the client enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing.

This team works dedicatedly by being involved in the client's project in full swing, and is available  only in some particular required services in future. The team will have managers and team leaders to guide them on their work process. This way it is easier for the client to manage the team remotely. Secondly, the client is satisfied as he knows there an entire team working solely on his project which will ensure timely delivery and quality. These are some of major benefits of outsourcing. The Offshore Development Center works like a second office to the client. All this is carried out without any additional overheads. The cost of managing the team is also not on the client. The kind of easy management and quality that is guaranteed in Offshore Development Center, is bringing it back into business. In such a setting, the client is at maximum advantage of communicating with the same team over and over for the same work. Because of the communication advantages and flexibilities today, it is easy to stay in constant touch with the client. It is due to cost effectiveness, client control, direct interaction, that the offshore development centers prove to be more effective under outsourcing. Staying in good terms with the client on long-term basis keeps the company encouraged and their confidence meter boosted to work more efficiently and prove their niche in the market through their credibility and quality-rich services.

The writer elaborates on the scenario of Offshore Software Development and its major advantages, not going to deep into the subject the writer manages to familiarize us with the topic.

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