Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The best practices of Offshore Development Center

The whole scenario of Offshore software development or outsourced software development is sometimes less than positive. Be it anywhere in the world, businesses are looking for ways to save on their operational expenses. Whereas skilled professionals constantly anticipate challenges. While the most recent and successful exercise in outsourcing has been the outsourced IT. In here, companies outsource their services of information technology to experts who happen to work remotely. Offshore software development should be understood in the terms of well-defined best practices where accountability can also go very well.

There are always best practices that ensure the success of any offshore IT services project. Following are some useful steps:

1. Start with a smaller project. At once outsourcing all of the software development that your company needs is not the right thing to do to build a rapport with your offshore development team. You can definitely think about the members of your local and remote teams.

2. Try to get an early feedback from your employees as the first users. You are not the only party as a business owner to be involved in this venture; the software developed by the offshore software development team will be surely used by your employees and they will definitely be having some feedback on its performance and how it can it affect their day to day work. Obtaining their reply will prove valuable to ensure that the software is usable and useful. This will also give you an insight into how well can the development team take criticism and how do they handle that information. If they make changes to enhance the software then it is a wonderful move. But you are in trouble if your team is not using the information meaningfully. Of course, because you started off with a smaller project, you not at enthusiast as you should be.

3. Remember one thing, nobody likes to develop a relationship with someone who doesn't care or communicates effectively. We all have been through the same. Hence, you need to work on your communication skills if you are not good at it, only to be able to exchange your business ideas effectively. Software development managers and business owners can go a long way toward understanding each other and providing support if they have a better understanding of each others' intent and needs.

4. Results dont come overnight, but if the plan you and your software development team have agreed on goes out of line then you must immediately act upon it. It may be due to misinterpreted communication, and letting it fester will do no good to both the sides. Or there may be other issues which led to the setback but you wont figure them out until you address them. If smaller benchmarks go by without a word and there is a 'so what' kind of attitude from your software development team, it  is a clear enough sign that their resources are not fully invested in your project. This may be because you started with a smaller project, you are less invested than you might have been.

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