Friday, September 28, 2012

Multi Sourcing and Offshore software development

There are many offshore IT companies which offer the most vibrant services, but the same cannot be said for all companies offering offshore IT services. However, software development industry is built on some structure models. But these models keep changing with the changing prerequisites of the IT industry. Offshore software development services have matured over a period of time that has attracted many organizations worldwide and found great benefits from this approach across the globe. Huge investments are being made in the IT sector by companies considering to offer offshore services to clients and thus sending their projects from local to offshore branches to get quality services.

Competition and being labeled as the best, is what keeps the companies going and pick for software models or a combination of models to see which works out best for their scope of work. Some of the models only fit small projects whereas others might need some sort of amalgamation with a few other models to get a highest outcome. These and quite a few other methods are being tired and tested to get the preferred cost effective services.

Turning towards multi-sources from single offshore outsourcing services provider is the new inclination in order to cater all clientele requirements. In order to meet the multiple needs of the development processes, many companies are going in for multi-sourcing because it refers to more than one supplier to meet different needs. The wider your approach is, the more diverse results you will get, and thus, best solutions could be the outcome. To turn multi-sourcing into a more successful formula, you must keep good management and systematic approach to handle it, as it can be a quite complicated task to manage.

You get a combination of strengths and weaknesses of the solutions that are carried out from different sources, which the offshore software development companies already acquire and can be approached as a result. Hence, it is advisable to work with few partners whose proficiency you trust than to take great pains with a number of other partners. Such an approach also helps the company to easily work on several projects at the same time and then divide the work among multi suppliers which will simply work procedures through allotment.

We must not only look at the rewards we receive those that will be pretty money-spinning because of increased competition, less risks and dependency, but, we must also look at the drawback of multi sourcing.  Coordination between parties becomes critical when dealing with multi sources and should not be compromised at any cost. Ultimately, the most important part in such situations is proper management. Therefore, the two most important parts that cannot be ignored in any model like multi-sourcing or offshore development or any other models are coordination and communication.

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